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From simple illustrations to holistic planning, Moneytree delivers financial planning solutions for professionals. Build your clients’ financial confidence with customizable, detailed reports backed by accurate data.

Moneytree makes it easier to...



Engage your clients with customizable reports, document sharing, and online access to include them in the process.



Grow your clients’ confidence with a plan that gives an accurate roadmap, backed by easy-to-follow audit trails, to reach their goals.



Refine the plan you’ve created for your clients and make adjustments as lifestyles and goals change.

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Scott McLaine

“I love the ability to run What-If scenarios and create up to 3 different What-If examples into their financial plan. Here’s the course you’re on, best-case scenario, and worst-case scenario. It’s just so effective.

Scott McLaine, Senior BrightAdvisor, BrightAdvisor, LLC

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