TOTAL Online
Integration with the Veo® Platform from TD Ameritrade Institutional

Money Tree Software’s TOTAL Online is now integrated with Veo®, TD Ameritrade Institutional’s powerful account management and trading platform.  This integration allows you to access your Veo client data in TOTAL Online to streamline your process for creating financial plans. 

Real-Time Access to Client Data


Using TOTAL Online for Veo®, advisors can quickly and easily access real-time asset information to jump-start data entry for creating or updating financial plans.  Advisors can now seamlessly access Veo client data, including:

Guide    - Account Information
    - Balances
    - Positions

View the TOTAL Online for Veo® guide to walk through the steps of accessing real-time asset information using Money Tree's TOTAL Online .

Streamline Your Planning Process Today with TOTAL Online's Integration with Veo.

TOTAL's in-depth planning captures and analyzes your client's current financial situation and illustrates impacts of important decisions on your client's financial future. Cover the planning needs of all your clients and choose the most suitable approach for your client's financial situation with TOTAL's goal-based and cash-flow based planning options. 

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TOTAL - In-Depth Financial Planning Software

In-Depth Financial Planning 

  • Help clients' make financial decisions by creating complete financial plans.
  • Capture details of clients' current situations and add future changes at any age with TOTAL's highly-flexible data.
  • Cover all your clients' planning needs with TOTAL's comprehensive planning analysis.

Goal and Cash-Flow Planning Approaches

  • Choose the projection with the highest suitability for clients' financial situations and planning needs. 
  • Goal-based planning is an excellent approach for clients' planning ahead for goals of the future.
  • Cash-flow planning is ideal for complex client situations, or when tracking all the cash flow details is necessary for a thorough analysis.  

Accurate and Verifiable Results

  • Analyze clients current situations and trade-offs with highly accurate, industry-proven calculations.
  • Verify results quickly using the report audit trials where every number can be broken down and reconstructed.

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Complete planning for demanding client situations.

TOTAL In-Depth Financial Planning

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