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Quick Changes & Instant Results

TOTAL's powerful and flexible What-If system helps you answer all of your clients' questions, quickly.

Change Assumptions

Explore options available and changes to planning assumptions with clients.

See Impact Instantly

Help clients understand the true impact of their actions and decisions.  

Reach Solutions

Find the right balance for each client's current situation and financial future. 


“The new What-If has been incredibly valuable in helping our clients more readily visualize the impact of their decision making.”

Laurie Nardone, CFP®


“Real time feedback with a simple graph is dramatic. Stimulates client engagement and understanding.”

Christi Powell, CFP®

Ask Questions, Get Answers

With instant Retirement Capital Estimate and Monte Carlo results.

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 View plan results in an instant. No waiting for reports.

Go to the What-If anytime for an instant view of the client's current planning results,
explore options, and save scenarios, without waiting to generate reports. 


 Learn more about the What-If system in the online edition of TOTAL:

Introduction (PDF)    Intro Video    User Guide    Training Video


Explore trade-offs and find solutions with real-time results. Change planning variables and see the impact on the client's retirement capital projection instantly. The days of making changes, generating the reports, reviewing the results, only to find more adjustments are required to help your clients reach their goals are over. With plan data and assumptions available within a single page, it is quick and easy to make changes. 


Engage clients and drive informed decisions by showing how choices made today and in the future dramatically alter their long-term financial situation. Collaborate with clients to get instant feedback and address questions as they are formed. Educate clients on the implications of choices, bring awareness to the significance of changing assumptions, and deliver transparency to the long-term impact of their actions.

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Handle the complications of client financial situations with TOTAL's highly flexible planning data, comprehensive reports and powerful What-If system.

  • Create highly accurate plans
  • Make changes to planning data at any age
  • Discover financial pitfalls and provide solution. Start a 14-day trial of the online edition of TOTAL and try the powerful What-If system. You will have full access to all features and Money Tree's professional support team.

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