Plan for Any Situation with TOTAL.

Handle the complications of client financial situations with highly flexible planning data and comprehensive reports.

TOTAL's in-depth planning captures and analyzes your client's current financial situation and illustrates impacts of important decisions on your client's financial future. Cover the planning needs of all your clients and choose the most suitable approach for your client's financial situation with TOTAL's goal-based and/or cash-flow based planning options; get one or the other, or both together!

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In-Depth Financial Planning 

  • Help clients' make financial decisions by creating complete financial plans.
  • Capture details of clients' current situations and add future changes at any age with TOTAL's highly-flexible data.
  • Cover all your clients' planning needs with TOTAL's comprehensive planning analysis.

Goal and Cash-Flow Planning Approaches

  • Choose the projection with the highest suitability for clients' financial situations and planning needs. 
  • Goal-based planning is an excellent approach for clients' planning ahead for goals of the future.
  • Cash-flow planning is ideal for complex client situations, or when tracking all the cash flow details is necessary for a thorough analysis.  

Accurate and Verifiable Results

  • Analyze clients current situations and trade-offs with highly accurate, industry-proven calculations.
  • Verify results quickly using the report audit trails where every number can be broken down and reconstructed.

Powerful What-If System | NEW | Learn More

  • Change planning variables and see the impact on the client's retirement capital projection instantly.
  • Engage clients and drive informed decisions by showing how choices made today and in the future dramatically alter financial projections overtime.
  • Educate clients on the implications of choices, bring awareness to the significance of changing assumptions, and deliver transparency to the long-term impact of actions.

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Complete planning for demanding client situations.

Learn more about planning with TOTAL by viewing the features, sample reports, and learning resources tabs above.   

In-Depth Planning Features

Review the Planning Report Topics and Planning Data available in TOTAL's in-depth planning.

Planning Topics

Address all your clients' planning needs, for any client situation, with TOTAL's unique ability to select goal or cash-flow based planning approaches. Choose the projection with the highest suitability for clients financial situations and planning needs with TOTAL's goal-based or cash-flow-based options. 

Goal-Based Reports - Easy Money:
Project what clients will need to reach their future financial goals and determine the impact of planned savings make towards achieving those goals.  In cases of shortfalls, provide solutions such as saving more, working longer or reducing goals. Goal-based projections are ideal for clients focusing on increasing savings and determining realistic goals.

Cash-Flow-Based Reports - Golden Years:  
Capture all the details of a client's financial situation by tracking year-by-year cash-flow projections. Cash-flow-based projections are ideal for complex situations, including clients with high wealth or complicated taxes, or whenever tracking all the details of cash flow are important for a highly thorough analysis.  

Learn more about assumptions used in TOTAL's goal-based and cash-flow-based planning options. 

G: TOTAL Goal - Easy Money Only
CF: TOTAL Cash Flow - Golden Years Only

  • Objectives, Summary
  • Details: Assets, Property, Liabilities, Insurance  
Net Worth
  • Current Year
  • Annual Net Worth Projection (CF) 
Cash Flow
  • Current Year
  • Future Year
  • Annual Cash Flow Illustration (CF) 
  • Cash Flow Needed vs Available (CF) 
  • Sources of Funds (CF) 
  • Annual Expense Illustration (CF) 
  • Asset Worksheet
  • Current & Suggested Asset Allocation
  • Asset Risk & Reward
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Stock Options
  • Rental Real Estate
  • Asset Projection by Taxation Type
  • Total Assets
  • Retirement Summary
  • Retirement Needs Analysis (G)
  • Retirement Capital Analysis (G)
  • Shortage Solutions (G)
  • Social Security Strategies
  • Retirement Capital Estimate
  • Monte Carlo with 10,000 Trials & Fat Tail Option
  • Withdrawal Rates
Income Tax
  • Current Year Income Tax Analysis
  • Income Taxes Paid
  • Tax vs Income, Tax vs Expense (CF)
  • Tax Summary (future years) (CF)
  • Taxable Income Analysis (CF)
  • Dividend, Capital Gain Sources, Capital Gains Worksheet (CF)
  • Federal Income Tax Worksheet (CF)
  • State Tax Worksheet (CF)
  • Supporting Tax Detail (CF): Adjustments to Income, Itemized Deduction and Exemption, Itemized Deduction Phaseout, Alternative Minimum Tax, Early Distribution Taxes. Additional Tax/Credit Worksheet, FICA Worksheet, Taxable Social Security, Taxable Earned Income, FICA Worksheet, Taxable Social Security 
  • Life Insurance Graph (current & future needs) (G)
  • Survivor Needs Analysis (current & future needs) (G)
  • Survivor Capital Estimate (current & future needs) (G)
  • Survivor Cash Flow (current year) (G)
  • Disability Insurance (short term & long term) (G)
  • Current Estate Details
  • Estate Graphs
  • Estate Tax Illustration
  • Current Situation Estate Chart
  • Trust Estate Charts
  • Future Estate Future
  • Estate Graphs
  • Estate Educational Illustrations: Estate Planning Concepts, Calculating Estate Taxes, Gifting, ILIT, CRT, QPRT, GRT, FLP & WRT Estate
  • Planning Options
  • Estate Planning Options Graph
  • Education Graph
  • Education Funding
  • Education Separate Accounts 
  • Education Funding Sources

Appendix / Supporting Detail Reports - Page Summary

  • Retirement
  • Assets
  • Estate
  • Survivor
  • Loans
  • Rental Real Estate


Planning Data

Capture details of clients current situations and add future changes at any age with TOTAL's highly-flexible data.

Client Information
  • Names, birth date, marital status, address, employment, advisors, notes
  • Scenario information, retirement age, life expectancy, retirement assumptions,
    surplus allocation and treatment, rate assumptions, report options
  • Rate of return per each asset broken-down into interest, dividend, capital gain & appreciation rates
  • Stock information
  • Additions/withdrawals with future change tables
  • Special asset types:
    Residence, rental real estate, stock options
  • Risk/financial attitudes
  • Qualified plan additions
  • Asset allocation with up to 21 custom classes
  • Rate changes with future change table
  • Asset accounts
  • Education funding information for dependent children, college cost estimator
  • Strategies in place, sunset provision, administration costs, CST funding,
    estate planning options with gifting
  • Earned income, Social Security (manual or optimal), pensions, other income
Tax Data
  • Tax adjustments with age change tables, federal tax data, state tax data, optional tax rates,
    itemized deductions with age change tables, current year overrides
  • Description, type, owner, open date, balance, payment, interest rate,
    balloon payoff, tax deductibility, summary


  • Life insurance, summary, auto, medical, homeowners, disability, long-term care,
    with age change tables, disability & long-term care benefits and details


  • Income needed, increase rates, survivor & disability percentages, with future change tables,
    other expenses


  • Immediate cash needs, capital retention, tax rate for survivor reports

Financial Goals

  • Description, age, amount, inflation, return for funding solution

Monte Carlo

  • Standard deviation on portfolio return, standard deviation on inflation, fat tail option

View TOTAL's Reports

View the financial planning reports available in TOTAL. Custom report collections allow advisors to select reports to include in client projections. Report font, heading color, and justification is customizable. 

TOTAL Goal - Easy Money


TOTAL Cash-Flow - Golden Years

  • Entire Report - Full set of Golden Years reports
  • Mini Report - Primary report pages focused on cash flow and retirement planning
  • Basic Report - Limited set of reports covering all topics available in Golden Years
  • Comparison - Side-by-side results of two planning scenarios
  • Cash Flow - Yearly cash flow planning projections and supporting pages
  • Social Security - Comparison of the current vs. optimal strategy.
  • Assets - Asset projections and investment reports
  • Taxes - Detailed tax planning projections and supporting reports
  • Estate - Current and suggested estate planning reports

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