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Our support team is here to help.  Call 877-421-9815 ext. 0.

Our support team is here Monday through Friday, 6:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

Reach support by phone, email, or send a request.

Call Toll-Free: 877-421-9815 ext. 0


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How support can help:

If you need help with anything related to Money Tree Software's planning solutions our support team can help. Whether you are using a trial of the software and need help understanding the basics or you have been planning with Money Tree Software for years, our support team is here to help. From working to model a complex or unique planning situation, to tracking down results, to technical issue such an error message, Money Tree's support team is a valuable resource. 

When to contact support:

Anytime you have a question feel free to contact our support team. The support team members can quickly help you answer questions, resolve problems and provide resources to assist you while you work with the software to create and analyze financial plans for your clients. 


What to expect from our Support Team:

Calling Support

When you call our toll-free number for support, expect your call to be answered right away. A support team member will answer the phone and be ready to help. On occasion, when our support team members are all helping other planners, a non-support team member may answer the phone to take a message for the support team.  If you do have to leave a message,  your call will be promptly returned, often in as little as 10 to 15 minutes during support hours. 

Sending a Support Request

Sending a support request allows you to provide a description of your support request and provide your preference for how the support team should contact you to resolve your problem or answer your question.  If a request is sent outside of the support team hours, the support team will follow up with your request the next business day.

Emailing Support

Emails will be returned as soon as possible during support hours.  Any emails received outside of support hours will be responded to on the following business day.

Customer Support

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Call 877-421-9815 ext. 0 or send a support request.

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