Announcing Social Security Strategies


As of November 2, 2015 the Bipartisan Budget Act (BBA) of 2015 has been signed into law impacting Social Security claiming strategies. Silver's Social Security claiming strategies feature has been adjusted for the new law.  Read More.

To help advisors discuss the importance of Social Security claiming strategies with clients, we are happy to announce a Social Security optimization feature is available in Silver Financial Planner.  

Social Security VisualizerTM evaluates the results of over three hundred possible claiming combinations unique to each couples’ situation. Five of the most likely benefit claiming choices are shown, including a sixth mathematically optimal choice based on the client information and planning assumptions used. The educational text, example benefit numbers, and comparison graphs provide the basis for an informed discussion of the reason and benefits for each claiming strategy.

Getting the most out of Social Security, and combining it efficiently with clients individual financial situation is different for each planning engagement. Simplifying concepts and helping clients grasp their own unique choices, is a big step towards a more informed Social Security claiming strategy. Promote your Social Security conversation with the fully integrated Social Security Visualizer in Silver Financial Planner.

Help Clients Visualize Social Security Claiming Options


Silver Financial Planner is an easy, effective solution for busy planners. Silver's intuitive navigation and clear reports allow you to spend more time with clients and less time creating plans. Instant, side-by-side scenario comparisons allow for rich client interaction.



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 White Paper on Social Security Choices

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