Simply Plan.


Create plans easily with Silver's streamlined data.


Focus on the most important financial issues.


Show the instant impact of clients "What-Ifs". 


Provide clients anytime access to plans. 

Create Plans Quickly. 

Silver makes planning simple with quick data entry and clear results. Create plans collaboratively with clients or model adjustments on the fly. Include clients with full plan access. 

Learn more about the planning topics addressed in Silver.

Big-Picture Financial Planning.

Focus clients on what really matters with Silver's big-picture plans. Discover shortfalls and highlight solutions to drive client action towards the best financial future.

Learn more about Silver's financial planning reports.   

Interactive "What-Ifs"

Answer clients' "What-Ifs" and show instant, side-by-side comparison results. Easily include potential scenarios with the primary planning results. 

Learn more about Silver's "What-If" and more features available in Silver. 

Keep planning simple with Silver.

Advisors plan with Silver to uncover clients' most important planning issues, answer clients' questions, and work to develop actions to drive clients towards their best financial future with straightforward data and clear reports. 

“I just fell in love with this program because it is so easy to use and easy for the clients to understand”
- Wade G.
Silver is advisor and client friendly. It just makes sense. Some programs have way too much information and are way too complicated to sit down with clients and go over the results.”  - Tony S.
“I love the program and my clients love the program.”
- Charles R.

“I just love Silver! Even for my multi-million dollar accounts, this provides 90% of what they need.”
- David H.

“I love to play what if… that is such a valuable feature!”
- Neal  C.

“It’s way more than I can do on a napkin but not an overwhelming 100+ page report. It's nice. It makes sense. It’s intuitive."
- Dan G.

Drive client towards their best financial future.

Illustrate Clients Financial Future

Determine if clients are on track to reach their financial goals. Uncover potential shortfalls. Present the financial plan by using reports that best address the planning topics at hand. 

Answer Clients' Questions

Show the impact of clients' "what if" situations. Include planning alternatives and recommended actions within the main planning projection.

Drive Clients to Action

Work with clients collaboratively to determine the best plan of action and illustrate the impact of those actions on their future financial projection. Drive your clients to take the right steps towards their best financial future. 

Plan Online or on your Desktop 

Silver is available online for anytime, anywhere access or on your desktop. Online editions include additional features, including client access, due to the cloud-based platform. 

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