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Fundamental Financial Planning Interview Guide 

Free Guide - Client Interview

For both you and your client’s comfort, it pays to plan out your financial interviews in advance. Whether a first meeting or an annual update, having an agenda, and all your questions listed and prepared reduces the time it takes to collect important financial facts. Your agenda can help keep you on track, and leaves you more time to discover and discuss clients’ values, wants, and needs.

  • Preparation and Introduction
  • Collecting Personal and Financial Information
  • Gauging Financial Confidence, Investment Attitude and Experience, Risk Tolerance
  • Open Client Discussion
  • Concluding Interview and Next Steps 

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Social Security: Choices Opportunities, and Decisions

Social Security Benefit Planning

Educating clients about their options, and discussing the advantages and trade-offs of different potential Social Security benefit application ages, can offer advisors a valuable insight to clients’ needs, concerns, and values. Being aware of how the Social Security benefits program works, and how the retirement benefit income stream impacts clients’ current and future finances, can make advisors an important resource for clients as they look forward to successfully reaching their retirement goals.

  • How Benefit Choices Affect Retirement
  • Life Expectancy Information
  • Social Security as Inflation Protection
  • Primary Application Options
  • Discussing Social Security with Clients

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Making the Most out of Planning Engagements

Free Guide - Developing Plans

For advisors to get the most out of meetings, they need to be sensitive to how clients are communicating. For clients to feel most satisfied with their professional advisor, advisors must be sensitive to their clients communication styles and trust levels.

  • Starting the Planning Process
  • Analyzing Planning Results
  • Uncovering Issues and Discovering Opportunities
  • Identifying and Illustrating Concerns
  • Modeling Potential Solutions
  • Client Meeting Preparation and Presentation
  • Determining Agreeable Actions and Getting Buy-in

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Understanding Medicare Fundamentals

Medicare Fundamentals

Medicare is health insurance provided by the federal government for people over 65 and people with certain disabilities. Congress created Medicare in 1965; it is primarily funded by Medicare insurance premiums plus payroll taxes paid by employees and employers. Many factors influence consumers’ Medicare decisions. Understanding Medicare coverage basics, including potential premiums, co-pay costs, cost sharing, and the out of pocket limits for each option is an important part of making these choices. 

  • Medicare Options
  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance
  • Medicare Enrollment 
  • Healthcare Cost Averages
  • Hypothetical Examples

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