Moneytree Plan®
Plan for Anything

Moneytree Plan’s in-depth planning captures and analyzes your clients’ current financial situation and illustrates impacts of important decisions on their financial future. Engage your clients, build holistic plans, and choose the most suitable approach for their financial situations.

Holistic Reporting

Reports designed for the complex, yet easy for your clients to understand your recommendations.

In-depth Planning


Cover all your clients’ planning needs with in-depth data and analysis.

Flexible Data


Capture details of clients’ situations and add future changes at any stage of life.

Goal & Cash Flow Planning


Choose a planning approach that best reflects your clients’ situation.

Accurate Results


Validate and reconstruct planning results with a report audit trail system that instills confidence.

How Moneytree Plan Can Help You

Grow Your Business

Provide better products, support, and advice.

Offer comprehensive services, making you more competitive.

Work collaboratively with your clients.

Be the Trusted Advisor

Provide a complete financial picture.

Evaluate your client’s risk tolerance, insurance, and survivor needs.

Gain a holistic understanding of your client’s investments and other assets.

Deliver plans for any stage in your client’s wealth journey.

Moneytree Plan Features allow you to...


Every client has a story and needs a financial plan. From owning a business, educating children, seeing the world, or leaving a legacy, your growing practice will encounter many stories, and you need to trust you have everything covered.

Onboard clients easily

  • Client Access Portal
  • Client Questionnaire

Collaborate with your clients

  • Client Access Portal
  • What-If? Scenario Tool
  • Secure Document Vault

Present comprehensive reports

  • White-label branding
  • Retirement, Assets, Property, Liabilities, Insurance, Estate, Survivor, Loans, and Rental Real Estate
  • Audit Trail

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To aspire is to dream. Our goal-based planning solutions enable you to partner with your clients, build plans, assess insurance needs, and see their dreams come true.

Build comprehensive retirement plans and analyses

  • Retirement Needs Analysis
  • Retirement Capital Analysis
  • Shortage Solutions
  • Social Security Strategies
  • Medicare Part B Calculations
  • Retirement Capital Estimate
  • Monte Carlo with 10,000 Trials & Fat Tail Option
  • Withdrawal Rates

Analyze insurance needs for the best coverage

  • Life Insurance Graph
  • Survivor Needs Analysis
  • Survivor Capital Estimate
  • Survivor Cash Flow
  • Disability Insurance

Develop comprehensive investment strategies

  • Asset Worksheet
  • Current & Suggested Asset Allocation
  • Asset Risk & Reward
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Stock Options
  • Rental Real Estate
  • Asset Projection by Taxation Type
  • Total Assets

“Moneytree Plan’s income tax collections were almost identical to client’s tax return before even seeing it.”

Charles R., LPL Financial


Prosperity means securing your clients’ legacies for generations. Our cash flow-based planning tool prepares your clients for complex situations. You want to see your clients succeed and thrive. Preserve and distribute wealth to see your clients live out their dreams.

Estimate tax impact for different strategies

  • Tax planning for high-net-worth clients
  • Asset growth based on tax qualification (D5)

Project annual net worth

  • Current Year
  • Annual Net Worth Projection

Establish cash flow needed for retirement

  • Current Year
  • Future Year
  • Annual Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow Needed vs. Available
  • Sources of Funds
  • Annual Expense Illustration

Determine capital needs for retirement

  • Retirement Capital Estimate
  • Monte Carlo with 10,000 Trials & Fat Tail Option
  • Withdrawal Rates

Make better decisions to reduce lifetime taxes

  • Current Year Income Tax Analysis
  • Income Taxes Paid
  • Tax vs Income, Tax vs Expense
  • Tax Summary
  • Taxable Income Analysis
  • Dividend, Capital Gain Sources, Capital Gains Worksheet
  • Federal Income Tax Worksheet
  • State Tax Worksheet
  • Supporting Tax Detail: Adjustments to Income, Itemized Deduction and Exemption, Itemized Deduction Phaseout, Alternative Minimum Tax, Early Distribution Taxes
  • Additional Tax/Credit Worksheet, FICA Worksheet, Taxable Social Security, Taxable Earned Income, FICA Worksheet, Taxable Social Security

Minimize estate taxes and costs

  • Current and Future Estate Details
  • Estate Planning Options
  • Educational illustrations
  • Estate Charts

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