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November 2018 News

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Online Data Gathering - Comfortably and Efficiently Collecting Client Information

by Mark Snodgrass

Advisors have many individual techniques to collect and record the client data they need to develop and analyze financial plans. For many modern planners, traditional in-person interviews are more effective if they already have the fundamental facts and figures of client's situation.

Program questionnaires collect all the client information required to complete financial planning projections. The questionnaires match the data input order of the program, aiding in the straightforward entry and review of client data. 

Questionnaires and online client input systems can allow customers time to fully gather and complete detailed financial information. Online questionnaires and entry systems can reduce or eliminate data entry by putting client information directly into your planning software. The time saved entering data can be used for additional client conversation or more time for analysis.

Web Based Questionnaire -- Secure Online Planning Survey is a web based data gathering tool, which allows your clients to safely enter their data online and send it to you. When you receive the data you can open it directly in TOTAL or Silver, saving data input time. Setup fee and lifetime license is just $50.

Secure Online Planning Survey

  • Clients securely enter data from the comfort of their own home
  • Takes roughly 20 Minutes for your client to complete
  • Encrypted and password protected file sent directly to the planner
  • Imports into Silver & TOTAL 

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TOTAL - Projection Graph

This projection graph updates instantly upon making any changes to the plan, allowing advisors to quickly see how certain changes will affect the retirement capital projection. No longer will advisors using the desktop version of TOTAL have to regenerate reports for every change they make to plans.



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How Silver Handles Taxes

Silver keeps taxes simple by applying an effective tax rate to taxable income items, such as earned income, investment interest, pensions, and retirement plan distributions. Learn more about taxes in Silver.

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