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June 2019 News

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Retirement, Market Uncertainty, and Monte Carlo

From time to time, Financial Planners will call into Support to discuss Monte Carlo. Our Financial Planning Consultant, Mark Snodgrass, has gone in-depth with explaining the financial planning application and models of Monte Carlo. Here's a morsel of the information he provides:

Goals, Practice & Application

The primary goal of Monte Carlo in financial planning is to model how clients’ financial condition might change under a range of potential market conditions. Simulation results help advisors measure and explain retirement sustainability risk.

More importantly, simulation helps compare and contrast planning decision options.

Monte Carlo is a uniquely powerful modeling process that helps advisors understand, evaluate, and illustrate how clients’ financial plans are likely to behave if exposed to volatile rates of return. The collection of simulation results may be analyzed to demonstrate how market volatility affects potential capital growth and consumption trends. Monte Carlo can be useful illustrating the risks and dynamics of accelerating capital depletion brought about by unfortunate loss timing.

Read the entire article here: Retirement, Market Uncertainty, and Monte Carlo

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TOTAL - 2019 State Income Taxes Update 

2019 state tax income tax information is now available. Both our online and desktop versions of TOTAL include a feature allowing Money Tree to populate the tax information for all states in the program's settings.  



Accutech Systems Corporation & Money Tree Software

We are pleased to announce that Money Tree Software recently combined with Accutech Systems Corporation, a premier Trust Accounting and Wealth Management platform provider. While Money Tree clients will continue to receive the same great support on all of our best-in-class products, we are also excited to leverage the technological strength and innovative, entrepreneurial drive of Accutech to make Money Tree software and services even stronger in the future. Money Tree Software’s products have embodied thought and market leadership in financial planning for many years, so we look forward to integrating these tools to provide even greater value to Accutech’s trust and wealth management clients nationwide


Tech Tip

TOTAL Online - Data Integration

TOTAL Online has data integration partnerships in order to streamline your process for creating financial plans. We're looking to add more and improve the software for our users. Share your feedback on the integrations you'd like to see us add by emailing

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