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February 2019 News

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RMD Start Ages in TOTAL

In TOTAL there are 3 possible ages that RMDs appear on reports: 69, 70, or 71. This start age is dependent on the date the report is generated and the individual's date of birth. It can be difficult to explain how these situations arise without first looking at how report years work in TOTAL:

TOTAL operates on a rolling 12 months, looking at numbers as of the date a report is generated, and seeing how they will look 12 months from that date. The ages shown on the reports will start at the ages the individuals are today. For certain calculations the program will look closer at the month however.

Consider an individual who is 68 now, but will turn 69 in one month. Effectively that person is 68 and 11 months old in the first year of the report. The second year represents their situation 12 months later. So, effectively, they are 69 and 11 months at the start of the second year of the report.

Now let's look at how this logic can affect RMD start ages. Though an individual's first RMDs are technically due by April 1st the year after they turn 70.5, TOTAL effectively determines whether an individual will be 70.5 or greater by December 31st to determine if the RMD will appear. This is done to maintain consistency and ensure that 2 RMDs do not appear within a single report year. This can lead to 3 possible RMD start ages on reports: 69, 70, or 71.

Read the entire article here: RMD Start Ages in TOTAL

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Silver & TOTAL - 2019 Tax Updates 

With the new year, the IRS has released its adjustments to taxes in 2019. No major laws were passed affecting 2019 earnings or deductions; the IRS only made standard adjustments to index for inflation. Since the changes were much simpler, updating to reflect the changes has proven to be quicker this year. Both Silver and TOTAL are now updated to reflect these adjustments.



Scheduled Maintenance for Online Editions

To ensure consistent delivery of the best client experience, online system will undergo scheduled maintenance for a few hours on Friday, March 8th starting at 6pm Pacific time. Maintenance is scheduled in an effort to minimize impact on customers. Thank you for your patience.


Tech Tip

TOTAL - Roth IRA Conversions

TOTAL's highly flexible planning data makes converting an IRA to a Roth IRA manageable. It can be shown in the main scenario planning data and in the What-if section. 

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