April News: Silver's Upcoming Improvements, TOTAL Online's What-If Update, 2017 State Tax Rates in TOTAL
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April 2017 News

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Silver Improvement Survey Results

Silver Improvements Survey Results & Upcoming Changes

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share feedback on Silver's improvement survey included in the March newsletter. A majority of the improvements voted to have high importance relate to making the software even easier for advisors to use, including changes such as saving automatically and adding planning defaults for the online edition.

Silver Improvement Survey ResultsIncluding debt payments with expenses proved to be the top improvement. Rather than making a rule change for all plans, which would impact client planning projections, an option will be added allowing advisors to include debt payments in expenses per plan. When debt payments are included in expenses, the payment will automatically stop when the balance is paid, reducing the client's expenses.

Thank you again for the high participation in this survey. We value the feedback from advisors working with Silver to provide big-picture planning to countless clients. We look forward to developing and delivering an improved planning experience for Silver. 

Reports added to TOTAL Online's What-If Beta


TOTAL Online's What-If Beta - Reports in Testing

The powerful What-If system in TOTAL Online is in the final stages of development. A newly added report compares the client's current plan with up to two What-Ifs, displaying the retirement capital projections on a single graph followed by a detailed list of changes. Get a sneak peak by reviewing the What-If guide, updated to include the What-If report.

State Tax Updates - Thursday, April 20th


State Tax Updates in TOTAL Online - Thursday, April 20th

TOTAL Online includes a feature allowing Money Tree to populate state tax information in program settings. State tax rates in TOTAL Online will be updated on Thursday, April 20th to reflect the 2017 state tax changes. Learn how to how to opt in (or out) before the state tax update.

2017 State Tax Information

Tech Tip

Entering State Taxes: TOTAL 

If you plan with the desktop edition of TOTAL, it's a good time to ensure the state tax rates are entered and are up-to-date for 2017 for all of the states your clients reside. Get the details of state tax rates and changes for 2017, and view the 2017 state tax data entered in TOTAL Online.

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