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January 2018 

  • Planning Notes: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 
  • Software News: 2018 Tax Updates are Underway
  • Events: Fresh Start for the New Year - Start a New 30-Day Trial
  • Tech Tip: Reflecting Investment Strategy Changes in TOTAL

December 2017 

  • Planning Notes: Sending our Wishes, Asking for your Software Wish List
  • Software News: 2018 Tax Updates - To Be Announced... 
  • Events: Holiday Schedule - Closed 12/25, 1/1
  • Tech Tip: 10 Most Popular Posts from 2017

November 2017 

  • Planning Notes:Giving Our Thanks to You + Referral Program
  • Software News: 2% Cost-of-Living Adjustment for 2018
  • Events: Holiday Schedule 
  • Tech Tip: Siver's Retirement Capital Analysis Spending Needs Breakdown

October 2017 

  • Planning Notes: Silver Release - Client Access and Report Enhancements 
  • Software News: Get the Latest Version of Silver
  • Events: Social Security 2% Cola and 2018 S.S. Cheat Sheet
  • Tech Tip: Projecting Retirement Plan(s) Separately in TOTAL

September 2017 

  • Planning Notes: 10 Years of Detailed Cash Flows & More in TOTAL Release
  • Software News: Get the Latest Version of TOTAL
  • Events: Scheduled Maintenance for Online Editions, Friday 9/22
  • Tech Tip: 4 Things to Know about Roth 401(k)s 

August 2017 

  • Planning Notes: What's Next - More Improvements Coming 
  • Software News: Silver - Take a Quick Annuity Survey
  • Events: Solar Eclipse - Monday August 21st
  • Tech Tip: TOTAL - Roth IRA Conversions

July 2017 

  • Planning Notes: Silver's Top Voted Improvements - Available Now
  • Software News: TOTAL Online's What-If - Data Input Expansion 
  • Events: Web Browser Requirements for Online Editions
  • Tech Tip: Including Debt Payments with Expenses in Silver

June 2017 

  • Planning Notes: Leverage the Power of What-If Systems
  • Software News: Go Beyond Basics with TOTAL Online's What-If
  • Events: Silver Report Clarity Survey
  • Tech Tip: Survivor Needs Analysis in Silver
May 2017 
  • Planning Notes: Announcing TOTAL Online's Powerful What-If System
  • Software News: Silver Improvements Underway
  • Events: Scheduled Maintenance for Online Editions 5/21 
  • Tech Tip: TOTAL Online's What-If - Getting Started Resources

April 2017  

  • Planning Notes: Silver Improvements Survey Results
  • Software News: TOTAL Online's What-If Beta - Reports in Testing
  • Events: State Tax Updates in TOTAL Online - Thursday, April 20th
  • Tech Tip: 2017 State Tax Information / Entering State Taxes in TOTAL Desktop Edition 

March 2017  

  • Planning Notes: Accounting Impact of Taxes in Planning Projections
  • Software News: Silver Desktop Edition - Failing to Respond Resolved
  • Events: Silver - Vote for Your Top Improvements
  • Tech Tip: Converting a Rental into Residence in TOTAL

February 2017  

  • Planning Notes: Top Client Services - Retirement Income & Financial Planning
  • Software News:  New Asset Allocation Override Option in Silver
  • Events: Update Notifications for Desktop Editions are On
  • Tech Tip:  Ins and Outs of Stock Options & Taxation Flowchart

January 2017  

  • Planning Notes: 2017 Tax Changes & Updates Available Now
  • Software News:  January 2017 Tax Updates
  • Events: TOTAL Online's What-If Beta Update
  • Tech Tip:  Updating the Desktop Edition


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