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From big-picture to in-depth, Money Tree Software offers
professional financial planning software for advisors.  

Big-Picture Planning

Clear and Effective Planning

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Silver's interactive big-picture planning supports important conversations about your client's financial future. Spend less time creating plans and more time on what really matters.

  • Create big-picture plans quickly
  • Discover shortfalls and provide solutions
  • Explore "What Ifs" and instantly view impact
  • Pick your platform - online and desktop editions

In-Depth Planning

Powerful and Flexible Planning

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TOTAL's in-depth planning captures and analyzes clients current financial situations and illustrates impacts of important financial decisions on the clients financial future.

  • Create highly accurate plans
  • Make changes planning data at any age
  • Discover financial pitfall and provide solutions
  • Pick your platform - online and desktop editions


Keep planning simple with Silver.

Quick & Clear

Silver makes planning is simple with quick data entry and clear results.


Focus clients on what really matters with Silver's big-picture plans


Answer clients' "What Ifs" and show instant, side-by-side comparison results.


Actively include clients the process by creating plans collaboratively.

Create Plans Quickly. 

Silver makes planning simple with quick data entry and clear results. Create plans collaboratively with clients or model adjustments on the fly. Include clients with full plan access. 

Learn more about the planning topics addressed in Silver.

Big-Picture Finanical Planning.

Focus clients on what really matters with Silver's big-picture plans. Discover shortfalls and highlight solutions to drive client action towards the best financial future.  

Learn more about Silver's finanical planning reports.

Interactive "What Ifs"

Answer clients' "What Ifs" and show instant, side-by-side comparison results. Easily include potential scenarios with the primary planning results. 

Learn more about Silver's "What If" and more features available in Silver. 

Why Advisors Plan with Silver

Advisors plan with Silver to uncover clients' most important planning issues, answer clients' questions, and work to develop actions to drive clients towards their best financial future with straightforward data and clear reports. 

“I just fell in love with this program because it is so easy to use and easy for the clients to understand”
- Wade G.

Silver is advisor and client friendly. It just makes sense. Some programs have way too much information and are way too complicated to sit down with clients and go over the results.”  - Tony S.

“I love the program and my clients love the program.”
- Charles R.

“I just love Silver! Even for my multimillion dollar accounts this provides 90% of what they need.”
- David H.

“I love to play what if… that is such a valuable feature!”
- Neal  C.

“It’s way more than I can do on a napkin but not an overwhelming 100+ page report. It's nice. It makes sense. It’s intuitive."
- Dan G.


Plan for any situation with TOTAL.

In-Depth Planning

Cover all your clients' planning needs with in-depth data and analysis.


Capture details of clients situations and add future changes at any age.

Goal &
Cash Flow

Choose the planning approach to best reflect your clients situation.


Prove and reconstruct planning results with a report audit trail system.

In-Depth Planning. 

Help clients make financial decisions by creating complete financial plans using TOTAL's highly flexible data entry and comprehensive reports

Learn more about the planning topics addressed in TOTAL.

Goal and Cash-Flow Approaches.

Choose the projection with the highest suitability for clients financial situations and planning needs with TOTAL's goal-based or cash-flow-based options. Goal-based planning is an excellent approach for clients planning ahead for goals of the future. Cash-flow planning is ideal for complex client situations, or when tracking all the cash flow details is important for a thorough analysis.

Learn more about TOTAL's finanical planning reports.   

Accurate and Verifiable Results.

Analyze clients current situations and trade-offs with trusted calculations and audit trails where every number can be broken down and reconstructed. TOTAL features highly accurate, industry-proven calculations. 

 Learn more about TOTAL's audit trail and more planning features.

Why Advisors Plan with TOTAL

Advisors plan with TOTAL for its flexible planning data, detailed reporting, and ability accommodate any client situation. The goal-based projections cover all major aspects of a financial plan and shows clients the best way to meet their objectives and the cash-flow-based projections are ideal for clients who need fine-tuned detail and highly accurate tax analysis.

“I really like this software. It works perfect with my style of planning. The audit trial feature has proven invaluable.” 
- Larry B.

 “It works really well for me and alll of my clients. It’s fabulous. The more I use this program, the more I learn about its features, and the more I love it.”
- Glenn H.

“I can do everything I need and moreIt has been so easy to use I have only had to call three times since I started planning with it.”
- Gary W.

"It amazes me that the software can continue to do everything I need it to do. I haven't run into a case this software couldn't handle."
- Regina B.

“The program has been great to work with and my clients have been very happy with the plans I have created with TOTAL.”
-Gayle  H.

“This is handy software. It is easier to use and more comprehensive than others I worked with in the past.”
- Scott H.

Plan Your Way

with the right financial planning solution and service.

Big-Picture or In-Depth

Clients have differing needs and advisors have differing planning styles. Money Tree Software offers both big-picture planning with Silver and in-depth planning with TOTAL

Online and Desktop Editions

Silver and TOTAL are available online for anytime, anywhere access or on your desktop. Online editions include additional features due to the cloud-based platform. Pick your platform.

Unlimted Support Service

Money Tree's helpful support team is available to help answer your questions and solve problems ensuing you get the most out of planning. Call toll-free 877-421-9815 ext 0.


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