TOTAL: Cash Flow - Golden Years

Capture all the details of a client's financial situation by tracking year-by-year cash-flows.

Create a complete picture of your client's financial situation including net worth, cash flow, asset allocation and more.

Account for all income sources and expenses in detail each year with a detailed annual cash-flow analysis.

Include highly accurate tax expense computed every year using IRS rules including indexing, phase-out's, AMT, etc.

Illustrate the impact surpluses or shortages have on the ability of the client's assets to last through life expectancy.

Complete retirement cash and tax planning.

Golden Years provides detailed yearly distribution and tax analysis for the retirement years. Golden Years helps you counsel your retired or pre-retired clients about cash flow, distribution and tax implications. It focuses on income, expenses, asset growth, disbursements, and taxes.

Reassure your clients with precise cash and tax analysis.

Cash-flow-based projections are ideal for complex client situations, including clients with high wealth or complicated taxes, or whenever tracking all the details of cash flow are important for a highly thorough analysis.  

Deliver accurate and complete distribution and tax plans for secure retirements.


By carefully analyzing the clients' cash flow income sources and expenses including taxes, the projection illustrates the impact cash flow shortages and surpluses have on the clients' assets. Detail how the clients' assets change over time due to account earnings, additions (from scheduled additions or cash flow surpluses), and withdrawals (from scheduled withdrawals, RMDs or cash flow shortages). The result is an illustration of the amount of capital available at any time, the amount of funds used for the clients’ retirement, and how long the funds last.

Report Features of Golden Years
TOTAL's Cash-Flow Based Planning

TOTAL's cash-flow-based reports capture all the details of a client's financial situation by tracking year-by-year cash-flow projections. Cash-flow-based projections are ideal for complex situations, including clients with high wealth or complicated taxes, or whenever tracking all the details of cash flow are important for a highly thorough analysis.  Learn about the key assumptions used in goal-based planning and cash-flow-based planning


  • Capture the Client's Current Financial Situation
  • Annual Cash Flow and Drawdown Details
  • Highly Accurate Yearly Tax Analysis
  • Model Irregular Income and Expense Cash-Flows
  • Incorporate Inherited IRAs, RMDs and Rental Real Estate
  • Illustrate Sources and Uses of Funds
  • Control Drawdowns by Asset
  • Display Unique Audit Trail for Fast Verification
  • 10,000 Monte Carlo Simulations to Show Retirement Probabilities and Risks

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TOTAL: Goal and Cash-Flow Based Planning


Key Features of TOTAL

In-Depth Planning 

  • Help clients' make financial decisions by creating complete financial plans.
  • Capture details of clients' current situations and add future changes at any age with TOTAL's highly-flexible data.
  • Cover all your clients' planning needs with TOTAL's comprehensive planning analysis.

Goal and Cash-Flow Approaches

  • Choose the projection with the highest suitability for clients financial situations and planning needs. 
  • Goal-based planning is an excellent approach for clients planning ahead for goals of the future.
  • Cash-flow-based planning is ideal for complex client situations, or when tracking all the cash flow details is necessary for a thorough analysis.  

Accurate and Verifiable Results

  • Analyze clients' current situations and trade-offs with highly accurate, industry-proven calculations.
  • Verify results easily using the report audit trials where every number can be broken down and reconstructed. 
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