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Help clients reach goals with TOTAL's goal-based planning. 

Create a complete picture of your client's financial situation including net worth, cash flow, asset allocation and more.

Determine if clients are on track to reach goals for retirement, insurance coverage, education funding and more.

Cover all the important planning topics that need to be addressed and provide multiple solutions in the case of shortfalls.

Create suggested or alternative scenarios quickly to illustrate the impact of important financial decisions.

Help your clients reach their goals. 

TOTAL's goal-based planning, Easy Money, determines shortfalls and illustrates solutions to help you guide your clients to their goals. The goal-based planning method focuses clients on what matters most in their working years; the amount they save.

Provide complete planning for demanding client situations.

Easy Money provides a comprehensive needs analysis including retirement, insurance, education funding, and estate planning. The projections carefully determine how much the client will need to reach their goals, and determine what the clients are doing now will allow them to fulfill their goals.

Illustrate your clients' financial future with detail and traceability.

Easy Money is one of the most comprehensive tools available for detailed financial planning. The detailed reporting includes a full appendix section, allowing summarized numbers to be broken down with the help of an easy to follow audit trail, making results simple to prove and reconstruct.

Easy Money
TOTAL's Goal-Based Planning

TOTAL's goal-based reports project what clients will need to reach their future financial goals and determine the impact planned savings make towards achieving those goals. In cases of shortfalls, provide solutions such as saving more, working longer or reducing goals. Goal-based projections are ideal for clients focusing on increasing savings and determining realistic goals. Learn about the key assumptions used in goal-based planning and cash-flow-based planning


  • Capture the Client's Current Financial Situation
  • Determine Retirement Needs
  • Show Multiple Solutions to Retirement Shortfall
  • Illustrate Wealth Accumulation, Retirement Savings, and Drawdowns
  • Analyze Life Insurance, Disability and Long-Term Care Needs
  • Estimate Pensions Benefits (defined benefit and defined contribution)
  • Compare Social Security Claiming Strategies and Determine Optimal Strategy
  • Integrate Debt, Stock Options, and Rental Real Estate into Retirement and Insurance Needs
  • Calculate Savings Required for Education with College Tuition and Housing Data
  • 10,000 Monte Carlo Simulations to Show Retirement Probabilities and Risks

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TOTAL: Goal and Cash-Flow Based Planning


Key Features of TOTAL

In-Depth Planning 

  • Help clients make financial decisions by creating complete financial plans.
  • Capture details of clients' current situations and add future changes at any age with TOTAL's highly-flexible data.
  • Cover all your clients' planning needs with TOTAL's comprehensive planning analysis.

Goal and Cash-Flow Approaches

  • Choose the projection with the highest suitability for clients' financial situations and planning needs. 
  • Goal-based planning is an excellent approach for clients planning ahead for goals of the future.
  • Cash-flow-based planning is ideal for complex client situations, or when tracking all the cash flow details is necessary for a thorough analysis.  

Accurate and Verifiable Results

  • Analyze clients' current situations and trade-offs with highly accurate, industry-proven calculations.
  • Verify results quickly using the report audit trials where every number can be broken down and reconstructed.
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