by Alexander Long on August 14, 2018

TOTAL - Report Calculation Overhaul

The development team here at Money Tree is overhauling the calculation engine used in TOTAL. These changes are affecting some report pages before others so that the development team can make all the necessary changes while still being able to regularly update the program for bug fixes and some new features.

The primary focus at Money Tree for future updates of TOTAL will be in fully converting the platform to use this new calculation engine across all report pages before adding any significant new features.

Although the conversion process is a time-consuming one, by the end of this transition TOTAL will be able to generate reports with greater accuracy and efficiency. For example, rather than rounding values at the end of each as the old engine does, this new engine retains all original values and only rounds numbers when they are being displayed on the reports thus leading to more accurate results. 

Additionally, we are aiming for this new engine to be easier to develop for, which will allow the development team at Money Tree to fix errors more quickly and incorporate new features into the software with greater speed.

We will, of course, do everything we can to avoid letting any complications reach our users, but issues are still known to slip through the cracks. If anyone does observe changes that they feel are excessively odd, please don't hesitate to reach out by calling support at 877-421-9815 ext. 0 or by sending a support request.

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