by Carolyn Rothwell on May 13, 2018

TOTAL - New Version: QBI Deduction, Increase Rates on Tax Data Items, Joint Misc. Insurance Ownership

The latest release of TOTAL, Money Tree's in-depth financial planning software, features three new options available within the plan data section. 

  1. QBI Deduction - Reflect the Qualified Business Income Deduction available to your client with a new option under Tax Details.
  2. Increase Rate of Tax Detail Items - Set Tax Detail items like Schedule D Capital Gains (Losses) to increase (or decrease) with a new Increase Rate option available for each tax detail item and future change. 
  3. Joint Miscellaneous Insurance - Capture jointly held Miscellaneous Insurance policies with a new joint insured option.

Tax Details - QBI Deduction

TOTAL now offers a Qualified Business Income Deduction, under the Tax Details tab within the Taxes section, to capture the amount of deduction available to clients.  Details are available on a dedicated blog post: Tax Reform in TOTAL - Qualified Business Income Deduction.


Tax Details - Increase Rate

Tax details data items, including Schedule D Capital Gains (Losses), Schedule E Passive Gains (Losses), Adjustments to Federal Income (+/-), etc. now includes an "Increase Rate" option.  The increase (or decrease) rate will be applied to the amount to grow (or reduce) the amount each year.  The increase rate option is available in the future change section, allowing the rate to be started, stopped or changed at any age.    

Learn more the relationship between the client's age, dollar amount, and the increase rate for the future change table entries on this blog post: Future Change Table Amounts & Increase Rates


Miscellaneous Insurance Policies - Joint Option

For Miscellaneous Insurance items, like Homeowners, Property and Casualty, Auto and more include a new joint option under the "Insured" drop-down selection.  The joint option allows insurance policies to continue throughout the plan, rather than stop when the assigned owner reaches life expectancy. 

New Insured Option - Joint

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