by Carolyn Rothwell on July 5, 2016

Cover Page Customization in TOTAL (Easy Money & Golden Years)

Advisors can easily customize the information that appears on the cover page of TOTAL’s Easy Money and Golden Years reports.

The information planners can customize for the cover page includes:

  1. Cover Date
  2. Report Title
  3. Client Name
  4. Scenario Name
  5. Logo
  6. Advisor Information
  7. Cover Justification
  8. Report Font
  9. Font Heading Color


Cover Page Information

This information is entered on the [Assumption] section of the client’s Plan Data in TOTAL.  The first [Scenario] tab in TOTAL Online includes a [Cover Page] section for the “Cover Date” [ 1 ], “Report (Easy Money and Golden Years) Title” [ 2 ],  “Client (Cover) Name” [ 3 ], and up to six lines of “Advisor Information” [ 6 ].  This tab also holds the “Scenario Name”, which can be included on the reports when selected.   

Desktop Edition Note:  Six lines of advisor information are located on the [Report Options] tab rather than the [Scenario] tab.  

TOTAL Cover Page Information

Formatting Options

Formatting options are found on the [Report Options] tab of the [Assumption] section of the client’s Plan Data.   This includes the "Cover Justification" [ 7 ], "Report Font" [ 8 ] and the "Heading Color" [ 9 ].  The report font and heading color selections are used throughout the report pages.

TOTAL Report Options

Cover Page Logo

Last is the report cover logo.  The image for the report cover is saved with in TOTAL's [Settings].  Under [Settings] you will find [Report Cover Settings].  Browse to a logo and select open.  The logo must be a common image format such as .png or .jpg.  A preview of the logo will display.  The logo will be included for the cover page of all plans generated going forward.

Set Cover Page Defaults

The [Settings] section is used to provide the defaults when creating new plans.  Customizing the default information within [Report Cover Settings] and [Report Settings] will eliminate the need to customize this information for each new client, while still allowing customization per plan within plan data. 


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Note: This post was originally published in May of 2012 and has been revamped and updated for comprehensiveness. 

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