by Carolyn Rothwell on March 22, 2018

TOTAL's 2018 Tax Update - Available Now

TOTAL's 2018 tax update featuring the tax changes for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), including a sunset configuration option, is available now.


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Federal Income and Estate Tax Changes:

This release incorporates the new federal tax income and estate tax rules, including changes to the tax rates and brackets, standard and itemized deductions, exemptions, child tax credits, AMT, and estate tax exclusions. Learn more about the changes by reviewing the 2018 Tax Changes Guide which details changes made in TOTAL to reflect the TCJA. 

Sunset Configuration Options:

A majority of the tax law changes applying to individuals are not permanent and are scheduled to sunset after 2025, reverting to the law in effect before the TCJA. This new release includes an option to assume the sunset provision takes place, or that the sunset does not happen and the rule changes under the TCJA continue beyond 2025. A handy cheat sheet highlights the major rule changes, provides the new tax rules compared rules in place prior to the TCJA, and indicates which provisions are scheduled to sunset. 

2018 Tax Update Resources:

2018 Tax Change Guide
Details of the changes to TOTAL to reflect the TCJA. 

Click for full PDF

2018 Tax Cheat Sheet
Highlights the TCJA rule changes compared to prior law.

Click for full PDF

TCJA Blog Post
Changes to individual tax planning stemming from the TCJA and links to informational resources.

Read more on about the TCJA

Get the Latest Version Now: 

The new version includes updated federal income and estate tax calculations, retirement plan contribution limits and Social Security estimates for 2018. 

TOTAL Desktop Edition: 
Get the latest desktop edition to update to the 2018 tax rules.  

TOTAL Online Edition:
The online edition is updated to reflect the 2018 rule changes, simply log in and start planning.  

Working with the Prior Tax Rules:

If you are still working with the 2017 tax rules and you plan with the desktop edition, update to the latest version featuring the 2018 tax rules once your work with the 2017 tax rules is complete. If you already updated to the 2018 tax rules, you can rollback by uninstalling the latest version and reinstalling the last version featuring the 2017 rules.

If you plan with the online edition, an option is available within the Report settings to "Use 2017 Tax Calculations".  Check this box to run the reports using the prior year tax rules, matching the calculations in place prior to the 2018 tax update.    

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