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New to TOTAL Desktop - Live Capital Projection Graph

by Alexander Long

With the newest version of  TOTAL Desktop advisors are now able to open a retirement projection graph during data entry. This graph allows advisors to actively see how each change affects a scenario.

10-Year Cash Flow Detail - New Reports in TOTAL

by Carolyn Rothwell

New detailed cash flow reports are now available in TOTAL, allowing advisors to demonstrate year-by-year, line-by-line changes to income and expenses. The reports include a total age span of 10 years, broken into two reports each displaying a five year period.  The start age for the detailed cash flow reports defaults to client 1's retirement age and can be adjusted to start at any age

TOTAL - New Release Available Now

by Carolyn Rothwell

A new release of TOTAL is available now, featuring new detailed cash flow reports, allowing advisors to demonstrate year-by-year, line-by-line changes to income and expenses over a 10-year span. Learn about all the new features included in the latest release.  

Illustrating Roth IRA Conversions / Rollovers in TOTAL

by Carolyn Rothwell

Converting a traditional IRA (or any other eligible retirement plan) to a Roth IRA is simple to illustrate in TOTAL by using the Monthly Additions/Withdrawals tab of the Asset Details input.  

Join a 20-minute Training Class of TOTAL's Social Security Strategies This Week

by Carolyn Rothwell

Join a 20-minute training to learn more about the new Social Security feature in TOTAL. The training will cover Social Security data entry, the new reports, and FAQs. Two Social Security Strategies classes remain, both scheduled for this week on Tuesday 8/23 and Wednesday 8/24.  

Improved Graphs & Report Visuals -  TOTAL 2016 Summer Release (Part II)

by Carolyn Rothwell

The summer release of TOTAL adds new features and updates to improve your planning experience! This post focuses on improvements to the report visualsAn earlier blog post focused on the new feature to explore the Social Security Strategies available to your clients.  

New Social Security Strategies Feature - TOTAL 2016 Summer Release (Part I)

by Carolyn Rothwell

The summer release of TOTAL adds new features and updates to improve your planning experience! This blog post focuses on the new feature to explore Social Security Strategies available to your clients. A second blog post focuses on the improvements to the report visuals including the graphs, cover, dividers and illustrations.

Introducing TOTAL's Social Security Strategies and Redesigned Graphs

by Carolyn Rothwell

A summer release of TOTAL is now available which includes new features and updates to improve your planning experience. To help discuss Social Security claiming options with clients, a new Social Security strategies feature is now in TOTAL. TOTAL's Easy Money and Golden Years reports feature a new and improved look to enhance client presentations.

Report Selection - Creating Custom Report Sets in TOTAL

by Carolyn Rothwell

While planning requires detailed output to verify and confirm the planning model, the report the client sees can often be much shorter. Fewer pages can let you focus on the primary issues and keep your conversation with your client on track. TOTAL's custom report option offers the ability to create, save and use page collections to fit your presentation preferences.

Cover Page Customization in TOTAL (Easy Money & Golden Years)

by Carolyn Rothwell

Advisors can easily customize the information that appears on the cover page of TOTAL’s Easy Money and Golden Years reports.

The information planners can customize for the cover page includes:

  1. Cover Date
  2. Report Title
  3. Client Name
  4. Scenario Name
  5. Logo
  6. Advisor Information
  7. Cover Justification
  8. Report Font
  9. Font Heading Color

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