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RMD Start Ages in TOTAL

by Alexander Long

With the passage of the SECURE Act in December 2019, there came important changes in the timing of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for retirement plans. For those who have not yet started their RMDs, they will now begin when they turn 72 years old.

Multiple Inherited IRAs in TOTAL

by Alexander Long

With the most recent update to TOTAL Planning Suite, the Inherited IRA feature has been updated to allow users to enter multiple Inherited IRAs. Each inherited IRA will have its own report page, so they can be entered in any pattern to illustrate even the most complex system of inherited IRAs.

Best Practices - Mortgage Payments in Silver

by Alexander Long

The question of how to handle mortgage payments in Silver comes up fairly often so this post is being updated to properly reflect the program as of July of 2018.  Handling mortgage payments incorrectly can lead to unintended consequences for a client's financial plan.  Find out what those consequences are and how to avoid them by following our tips to handle mortgages correctly in the post below. 

Top 5 Things to Know about Taxes in Silver

by Carolyn Rothwell

Silver's tax method holds true to its focus on simplicity. Silver accounts for the expense of taxes by charging every dollar of taxable income for taxes using the provided tax rate. Planners are asked to provide the effective tax rate to use for the projection. The tax rate can set for pre- and post-retirement periods. Learn about the tax method, ways to calculate the clients's tax rate, and how the tax rate is applied to income sources and assets below.   

10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

by Carolyn Rothwell

It's officially mid-December, and the end of 2017 is rapidly approaching. As we start to wrap-up the year, we wanted to share the most popular blog posts of 2017. This list includes the top 10 blog posts published this year, ordered by the number of views.

Silver's Retirement Capital Analysis Spending Needs

by Carolyn Rothwell

The Spending Needs amount on Silver's Retirement Capital Analysis is straightforward for single clients or when both individuals retire in the same year, but it is not as clear for couples when one individual retires and the second continues to work.

Silver begins the expenses upon the first retirement.  For couples, when an individual continues to work after the other is retired, the expense amount is reduced on the Retirement Capital Analysis by the net effect of his or her earned income. 

Projecting Retirement Plan(s) Separately in TOTAL

by Carolyn Rothwell

Up to four retirement accounts can be projected separately in TOTAL, providing flexibility and control.  The default approach is to "pool" all the client's deductible retirement accounts into one report, and all the second client's  retirement accounts into a second report.

4 Things to Know about Roth 401(k)s in your Financial Planning Software

by Carolyn Rothwell

Money Tree's big-picture and in-depth financial planning software, include provisions for Roth 401(k) retirement savings plans. 401(k) plans with a Roth option are an attractive retirement savings option, making it possible for employees to save with either pre-tax or after-tax contributions.  A Roth 401(k) provides tax-free earnings and distributions after age 59.5, without income limitations or lower maximum contributions of traditional Roth IRAs.  This post highlights some important elements to model Roth 401(k) accounts in client plans. 

Roth IRA Conversions in TOTAL

by Carolyn Rothwell

Converting an IRA to a Roth IRA is simple, thanks to TOTAL's highly flexible planning data. Illustrating a conversion of an IRA to a Roth IRA requires scheduling withdrawals from the IRA and additions to the Roth IRA.  The steps to show a conversion are the same for the main scenario planning data and TOTAL Online's What-If.  

Understanding Silver's Survivor Needs Analysis

by Carolyn Rothwell

Silver includes a Survivor Needs Analysis per client to help determine an estimated level of life insurance coverage required to prevent a future shortfall for the surviving household.

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