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Silver Online Customer Access - User Guide

by Carolyn Rothwell

Silver Online's customer access portal allows advisors to create websites for clients to review their plan data and financial planning report from anywhere. Advisors determine the extent to which clients to have access to data and reports.

Silver Online No Longer Supporting Older Version of Internet Explorer (IE 6 & IE7)

by Carolyn Rothwell

You can access Silver Online on your computer or mobile device through Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.  Silver Online supports current and prior releases of those browsers, however we are ending our support for IE6 and IE7.  Few customers will be impacted by this change as the versions no longer supported are several years out of date.  

In the News: Money Tree Software NOT VULNERABLE to Heartbleed

by Carolyn Rothwell

On Monday news came out regarding the discovery of a significant and widespread security problem;  the HeartbleedOpenSSL Bug. This encryption security hole causes a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library, which is used by roughly two-thirds of all websites on the Internet to secure private information as it travels over the web.   This email is our effort to explain how this bug may impact you and your customers, and note some of the actions that can be taken to protect yourselves and your customers as this issue is being addressed.

Please Note:  Money Tree Software servers do NOT use OpenSSL encryption programs, and are NOT vulnerable to the Heartbleed security exploit.

To help answer questions you may have about this new internet security issue, we’ve collected some basic information and a tool you may find useful.

4 Easy Steps to Setup Customer Access in Silver Online

by Carolyn Rothwell
Customer Access allows planners the ability to provide your clients a convenient and secure plan data review.  Planners may also allow customers may make changes to the plan data and/or view planning reports.  The image below walks you through setting up Customer Access.   

Management Reports - A New Feature in Silver Online

by Carolyn Rothwell

Have you tried out the newest feature in Silver Online?  Management reports allow a manager or advisor quickly view activity and total clients, assets, liabilities and insurance, grouped by advisor or manager.

Are your clients engaged? Let clients run reports in Silver Online!

by Carolyn Rothwell

Your clients can view and edit their own financial data with Silver Online's customer access portal. This feature allows you to engage the client in the planning process as a participant, not just a spectator. Advisors can determine the extent to which they want clients to have access to data and reports:

New version of Silver Online released!

by Carolyn Rothwell

This version includes recent changes in Silver Financial Planner and prepares for the new year 2012!

New Features (read more about each new feature below):

Travel often for work? What if you didn't have to pack your laptop!

by Carolyn Rothwell

Do you travel for work frequently?  It seems like most people traveling for work have a system to packing everything they need for the trip into a carryon size bag.  When you are trying to cram everything in a bag, space is a serious premium. 

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