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Scheduled Maintenance - Saturday 7/27 at 9 AM PT

by Alexander Long

Scheduled maintenance will take place Saturday, July 27th, starting at 9:00 AM PDT (12 PM EDT) and lasting until 2:00 PM PDT (5 PM EDT). During this maintenance window you will be unable to access TOTAL Online or Silver Online.

Scheduled System Maintenance Window - Friday 2/8 at 6 PM PT

by Alexander Long

To ensure Money Tree is delivering the best online experience, there will be some brief scheduled maintenance starting about 6 PM PT on Friday 2/8. While this important work is performed, some software functions may be briefly unavailable. 

Redtail Connections:   Silver Online Integration

by Alexander Long

Redtail is integrated into Silver Online. Advisors get client planning details directly from their Redtail data. Create entirely new planning clients from Redtail, or updates existing client plans. 

Silver Online - Client Access Walk-Through

by Alexander Long

The Client Access Portal in Silver Online gets updated frequently. This post was originally written June 28, 2018. It has been updated to cover information for the current Client Access Portal as of August 1, 2018. 

This article will go over the various sections in Silver Online pertaining to the Client Access Portal, which clients will see as the Secure Wealth Review when logging in.

Silver Online - Client Access Alerts

by Alexander Long

With our most recent update to Silver you probably noticed the bell icon labeled "Alerts" in the top right. This is part of our continued improvements to the client access side of Silver Online. With this new feature, advisors can better track when clients login to a provided Client Access Portal or if they've made a number of certain changes to their plan. Starting off, the alerts are limited to tracking whether or not someone logs into their Client Access Portal, and if they've made any changes to their total investments. For more information on Silver's Client Access click here.

Silver Online - Helping Clients Use the What-If? Screen

by Mark Snodgrass

Advisors using Silver Online may choose to allow clients access to the What-If? system within the client portal. This powerful tool allows clients to make certain changes to their planning assumptions and quickly see the effects on their retirement capital projection.

Settings Change in Silver - Online Edition

by Carolyn Rothwell

The online edition of Silver's big-picture financial planning software features a new Settings option. This change is another step improving Silver's planning experience by providing a focus on clients and plans.

Web Browser & Operating System Requirements for Online Editions

by Carolyn Rothwell

To ensure connectivity to the Online Editions of Money Tree's financial planning software, please take a moment to confirm your operating system and web-browser configuration meets the current requirements.

Set Your Session Timeout Duration in Silver Online

by Carolyn Rothwell

Session timeouts help protect data when you leave your computer unattended by logging you out of the system so information cannot be viewed without the proper login credentials. Twenty minutes is a common standard for a session to timeout, and that was the default session timeout for Silver Online, which until recently was hard-set. 

Plan Updates with Silver Online's Customer Access

by Carolyn Rothwell

Planning reviews are an important part of the financial planning process. Regular reviews help ensure clients stay on track to meet their goals. Reviews also provide advisors the chance to reconnect with clients as you work together through the planning process.

A majority of advisors conduct plan reviews at least annually according to the FPA’s Research & Practice Institute’s study 2015 Trends in Financial Planning. The survey reported only a third of advisors charge a separate fee for creating initial plans and even less charge a separate fee for plan updates. While the time required to complete plan updates is typically a fraction of the thirteen hour average spent creating initial plans, the total time investment can be significant considering the frequency of reviews.

Taking steps to simplify the planning review and update process can pay off quickly. Advisors planning with Silver Online can leverage the customer access feature to streamline plan updates. The customer access portal allows clients to review plan data and optionally make changes to update the planning information.

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