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New Computer - Steps to Transfer Silver Financial Planner

by Carolyn Rothwell

This tech tip details the steps to install, transfer data, and license Silver Financial Planner (desktop edition) to a new computer.  If you use Silver Online, no action is required - simply will open a browser and login and start planning.

Adjusting Retirement Spending Needs in Silver and TOTAL Planning Suite

by Carolyn Rothwell

As a followup for last weeks post discussing the "spending smile", or "go-go", "slow-go", "no-go" phases of retirement spending, this post will walk through an example of adjusting spending needs overtime in TOTAL Planning Suite and Silver Financial Planner. 

3 Steps for Selling a Residence in Silver Financial Planner

by Carolyn Rothwell
Capturing the sale of a residence in Silver Financial Planner is a straight forward three-step process, but there is one special tip that  you would not know unless you called into our support team so we wanted to make sure we passed this tip along.  

Silver 101 - Understanding the Cash Flow Illustration

by Carolyn Rothwell

Money Tree's big-picture financial planning software, Silver, includes a year-by-year cash flow illustration.  The Cash Flow Illustration helps client's visualize projected shortages/surpluses prior to retirement.  Upon retirement, the report displays asset distributions to cover spending requirements rather than shortfalls until assets are depleted. 

This post breaks down each column of the Cash Flow Illustration.  

Best Practices - Mortgage Payments in Silver Financial Planner

by Carolyn Rothwell

We often receive questions about the best way to handle mortgage payments in Silver Financial Planner. 

Customizing Asset Classes and Allocations in Silver Financial Planner

by Carolyn Rothwell

Do you know you can customize the asset classes and the suggested asset allocation portfolios available in Silver Financial Planner?  By default, Silver includes six asset classes: Cash & Reserves, Income, Income & Growth, Growth, Aggressive Growth and Other. You can change the default classes and add up to six additional classes, for a total of twelve.   

Desktop Edition (shown below):
Go to the menu item "Options" and select “Customize Asset Classes”.  

Online Edition:
Go to "Settings" and select "Asset Allocation"

Note:  Permission settings in Silver Online may limit your ability to view or change the company asset allocation information under Settings.  Users with an administrator role will have an [Administration] tab where the default asset classes can be set as the user defaults.

After clicking on the menu item, you will be presented with the default asset classes, their abbreviations and three allocation tables, as shown below for the desktop edition. 

Flexible Treatment of Pension and S.S. benefits in Silver Financial Planner

by Carolyn Rothwell

The Pension and Social Security data entry window of Silver Financial Planner includes a check box for “Do not capitalize pre-retirement pension and Social Security benefits.” This option provides flexibility on how pre-retirement pension and Social Security benefits are treated by the program.

This option can make a big impact on a client’s retirement projection if the client receives pension or Social Security benefits before retirement.

Increase your Understanding - Cost Basis in Silver Financial Planner

by Carolyn Rothwell

This post is to help increase your understanding of how the cost basis fields are used in Silver Financial Planner and Silver Online.  The cost basis input is found on the Rates section and is available for taxable assets and annuity assets.  Retirement accounts are assumed to have a 100% cost basis.  

New Version of Silver Financial Planner Available Now! (4.0.409)

by Carolyn Rothwell

The January update to Silver Financial Planner is now available!

New version of Silver Financial Planner released!

by Carolyn Rothwell

Version 4.0.400 of Silver Financial Planner is now available for download from our website!  

Automatic update notifications will be turned on shortly, but if you want to install the new 4.0.400 version today, follow the link below to download:

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