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Retirement Plan Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

by Mark Snodgrass

Advisors often call in with questions about how to recognize RMD's in their financial planning software. Each program calculates RMD's, with their own ways of displaying. 

In the article provided, Money Tree Software president Mark Snodgrass goes over the various RMD rules for a variety of retirement plan types and where to go in each program to see those distributions. 


Retirement Plan Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

By Mark Snodgrass

Financial Information Categories - A Communication Perspective

by Mark Snodgrass

Communicating effectively with clients about the finer details of their finances can be a difficult task. Not only can it be difficult to get clients to feel comfortable sharing the personal details of their financial information, but the amount of information needed to create the best plan can make it easy to miss some important parts of a financial plan. 


In the article below, Money Tree Software president Mark Snodgrass provides his insights on various categories of financial information to help organize the information and determine what is important for a client's financial plan. 

Facts, Estimates, Objectives, Assumptions and Parameters

By Mark Snodgrass

Giving Thanks, Money Tree Referral Program, and Holiday Hours

by Carolyn Rothwell

We wanted take a moment to share that we are truly thankful to be working with so many great planners and the financial planning community. Thanks to continuing support, helpful feedback, and new ideas, our customers have allowed us to proudly provide financial planning software for over 30 years. Many of the newest features came directly from our customers taking the time to share their ideas with us.  

Graph Design Vote - Your Feedback is Important!

by Carolyn Rothwell

Thank you to all of our customers who participated in the graph design vote included in the June newsletter! If you have not had the chance to review the graphs, please take a few minutes to submit your votes to ensure they are counted.

Easy Way Keep Data Safe? Don't Enter It.

by Carolyn Rothwell
Keeping financial planning information safe is a top priority for Money Tree Software.  Last month,  HeartbleedOpenSSL  bug was splashed all over the news.  As you know, Money Tree Software was not vulnerable to this internet security flaw as we do not use OpenSSL, but it is very likely other websites you use were vulnerable until they were able to correct the problem.  

Free Medicare Guide for Financial Advisors - Updated for 2014

by Carolyn Rothwell

One of the major retirement planning issues facing retirees is the cost of healthcare. The combination of rising medical expenses, increasing insurance costs, limited company sponsored healthcare benefits for retired workers and questions over how Medicare will be able to continue to pay for benefits as the number of eligible recipients rises creates a road map of uncertainty. Creating a clear plan to cover healthcare costs is daunting, especially without help of a professional advisor. Planning for healthcare costs and helping navigate the complexities of Medicare is an important service financial advisors can offer to their clients.

Start the Year with a Fresh 30-Day Trial of Money Tree's Financial Planning Software

by Carolyn Rothwell

Still looking for the right planning solution?  Start the year with a fresh 30-day trial.  

Find the financial planning solution for your practice free of charge, and get full access to all of the features and technical support for a 30-day trial on the latest software.  

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Money Tree provides a full spectrum of planning tools to satisfy varying planning styles and customer types.  Find the perfect financial planning software for your practice by starting a fresh 30-day trial for the New Year

Find the Financial Planning Solution You Can Rely On

by Carolyn Rothwell

Money Tree offers planning solutions you can rely on - whatever your need.  Are you having trouble deciding which financial planning software solution is best for you and your clients? 
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