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RMD Start Ages in TOTAL

by Alexander Long

With the passage of the SECURE Act in December 2019, there came important changes in the timing of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for retirement plans. For those who have not yet started their RMDs, they will now begin when they turn 72 years old.

Projecting Retirement Plan(s) Separately in TOTAL

by Carolyn Rothwell

Up to four retirement accounts can be projected separately in TOTAL, providing flexibility and control.  The default approach is to "pool" all the client's deductible retirement accounts into one report, and all the second client's  retirement accounts into a second report.

10-Year Cash Flow Detail - New Reports in TOTAL

by Carolyn Rothwell

New detailed cash flow reports are now available in TOTAL, allowing advisors to demonstrate year-by-year, line-by-line changes to income and expenses. The reports include a total age span of 10 years, broken into two reports each displaying a five year period.  The start age for the detailed cash flow reports defaults to client 1's retirement age and can be adjusted to start at any age

TOTAL - New Release Available Now

by Carolyn Rothwell

A new release of TOTAL is available now, featuring new detailed cash flow reports, allowing advisors to demonstrate year-by-year, line-by-line changes to income and expenses over a 10-year span. Learn about all the new features included in the latest release.  

The Ins & Outs of Stock Options in TOTAL

by Carolyn Rothwell

TOTAL's in-depth planning provides the ability to enter Incentive Stock Options and Non-Qualified Stock Options, including the grant price, strike price, appreciation rate and dates. The financial planning projections determines the cost and value of exercising options and selling stock and reports the amount and type of income subject to taxation. The tax effects will be estimated automatically. Restricted Stock can also be handled in the system by entering an option as a NQSO and setting the strike price as $0.

TOTAL Report Design Survey - Tell Us What You Think

by Carolyn Rothwell

The updated graphs in TOTAL's Easy Money and Golden Years have been available for just over a month. Advisors planning with TOTAL have shared varied reactions about the new look of the report graphics in Easy Money and Golden Years. We want to thank all of the advisors who reached out to us about the updated graphs took the time to share their feedback. We would love to know how the updated report graphics are working for you and your client presentations.

Improved Graphs & Report Visuals -  TOTAL 2016 Summer Release (Part II)

by Carolyn Rothwell

The summer release of TOTAL adds new features and updates to improve your planning experience! This post focuses on improvements to the report visualsAn earlier blog post focused on the new feature to explore the Social Security Strategies available to your clients.  

New Social Security Strategies Feature - TOTAL 2016 Summer Release (Part I)

by Carolyn Rothwell

The summer release of TOTAL adds new features and updates to improve your planning experience! This blog post focuses on the new feature to explore Social Security Strategies available to your clients. A second blog post focuses on the improvements to the report visuals including the graphs, cover, dividers and illustrations.

Introducing TOTAL's Social Security Strategies and Redesigned Graphs

by Carolyn Rothwell

A summer release of TOTAL is now available which includes new features and updates to improve your planning experience. To help discuss Social Security claiming options with clients, a new Social Security strategies feature is now in TOTAL. TOTAL's Easy Money and Golden Years reports feature a new and improved look to enhance client presentations.

Report Selection - Creating Custom Report Sets in TOTAL

by Carolyn Rothwell

While planning requires detailed output to verify and confirm the planning model, the report the client sees can often be much shorter. Fewer pages can let you focus on the primary issues and keep your conversation with your client on track. TOTAL's custom report option offers the ability to create, save and use page collections to fit your presentation preferences.

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