by Carolyn Rothwell on June 15, 2017

Top 50 Plan Changes to Explore Using TOTAL Online's What-If


TOTAL Online's What-If system is off to an impressive start. Advisors are jumping in, leveraging the new system to explore planning options, bring awareness to the significance of changing assumptions, and deliver transparency to the long-term impact of taking action.

As expected from a What-If system, the basic planning assumptions are included, with the ability to show what happens if changes are made to retirement ages, saving amounts, spending amounts, inflation, rates of return, etc. 

TOTAL Online's powerful What-If system provides the ability to go well beyond the basics. Over 150 planning variables available for adjustment, aligning with TOTAL's highly flexible, comprehensive financial planning capabilities.

What exactly can TOTAL Online's What-If system illustrate? The list is long, but here's a start, highlighting the top 50 planning variables advisors can control within the What-If system.   

50 Plan Changes to Explore Using TOTAL Online's What-If System: 

  1. Change retirement ages
  2. Change life expectancy assumptions
  3. Change asset return assumptions (at any age)
  4. Change current value of any asset
  5. Change rate of return of any asset
  6. Change additions to any asset (at any age)
  7. Schedule withdrawals from any asset (at any age)
  8. Add new assets
  9. Model a Roth conversion
  10. Sell a residence (at any age)
  11. Purchase a residence (at any age)
  12. Show residence sale and replacement  (at any age)
  13. Explore residence replacement financing strategies
  14. Sell a rental property (at any age)
  15. Change rental property income
  16. Change rental property expenses
  17. Model purchase of a rental property
  18. Explore stock option exercise methods
  19. Explore stock option sales dates 
  20. Change stock option application rate assumptions
  21. Add new stock options
  22. Add new stock grants
  23. Change debt balances
  24. Change debt payments
  25. Change debt interest rates
  26. Explore balloon debt payoffs
  27. Add new debts
  28. Change earned income (upcoming feature - at any age)
  29. Change earned income increase rate assumptions
  30. Explore Social Security strategies
  31. Reduce percent of Social Security benefits available
  32. Change pension start age
  33. Change pension benefits
  34. Explore pension survivor strategies
  35. Adjust other income item assumptions
  36. Add other income items, single year or recurring
  37. Change life insurance death benefits 
  38. Change life insurance premiums
  39. Add life insurance policies 
  40. Model relocating to a different state (at any age)
  41. Change any expense amount (at any age)
  42. Change inflation assumptions on any expense amount
  43. Model staggered spending cuts
  44. Adjust other expense item assumptions
  45. Add other expense items, single year or recurring
  46. Explore differing education costs amounts
  47. Change education cost inflation assumptions
  48. Adjust the percent of education expense passed to the plan
  49. Explore adding additional years of education cost
  50. Add education costs 

Advisors planning with TOTAL Online are loving the power of this new feature and have shared all kinds of ideas and scenarios they are modeling with the What-If.  Let us know how you are using the What-If by adding a comment to this blog.

TOTAL Online's What-If System

Learn More about TOTAL Online's What-If system:


Training resources including user guides and videos are available explaining the What-If system to jump start your ability to take advantage of this new feature.

If you have any questions about TOTAL and the powerful What-If system, contact Money Tree's support team for immediate assistance weekdays from 6:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PT.

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TOTAL Online's What-If System

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