by Alexander Long on August 1, 2018

Silver Online - Client Access Walk-Through

The Client Access Portal in Silver Online gets updated frequently. This post was originally written June 28, 2018. It has been updated to cover information for the current Client Access Portal as of August 1, 2018. 

This article will go over the various sections in Silver Online pertaining to the Client Access Portal, which clients will see as the Secure Wealth Review when logging in.

Client Access Defaults


Client Access Defaults can be set in both Personal Settings (depending on account setup) and Company Settings. For advisors who are the sole users of Silver Online within their company, Personal Settings would be the best place to setup defaults. This will avoid the trouble of having Personal Settings defaults overriding the Company Settings defaults.

The Client Access Defaults sections allow advisors to choose the most common settings that will apply to their clients. This includes what they can do in their portal, the type of report they can generate (if any), and the alerts advisors receive when clients access their portal. The logo that clients will see upon logging in can also be set and the message that will appear upon logging in.

With the most recent updates to Client Access advisors now invite clients to sign up and create an account to view their portals. In the Defaults sections advisors can setup a default message that all clients will receive when they are invited to setup their client access accounts. 

Client Access Setup


Here, the portal for a specific client is setup. The page is subdivided into various sections, starting with Users. In this first section advisors can send email invitations to their clients so that they can create a sign-in to their portal. By clicking on the text with the down-arrow to the right, fields will expand that will allow advisors to enter a message that the clients will see when they receive the email invitation. In the top right the "View Client Portal" link can be clicked which will take advisors straight to the client access portal, allowing them to review what their clients will see upon logging in. 

In the next section, Enable/Disable Client Access, the plan that clients can view is selected and advisors can select a calendar date when access to the portal will end. Advisors can also click on the text at the bottom of this section to expand an input field. In that field a message can be written that advisors will see on the welcome page of their portal. This field can be left blank, contain a simple greeting, contact information, or specific instructions for that user. 

Most of the Permissions, Report Set, and Alerts sections are similar to their equivalents in Client Access Defaults. In Report Set, advisors also have various options for how the selected report will look.

Some advisors may recall having to send their clients a link and password to access the client access portal. These links can still be used but, when used, the client will be prompted to enter their email, the password that was originally provided, and a new password. When doing this, that person will then be assigned as a user to that client. Alternatively, advisors can send clients the email invitation to have them create their login without having to hunt down the link. 

Client Plans


On this window, there is an icon labeled “Client Access.” If the label is green, that means the corresponding plan is the one that client can view through their portal. For any icons that are not green, advisors can select it to quickly switch which plan the client can view. If none of the icons are green, then selecting it will redirect to Client Access Set Up for that client.

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