by Alexander Long on June 28, 2018

Silver Online - Client Access Alerts

With our most recent update to Silver you probably noticed the bell icon labeled "Alerts" in the top right. This is part of our continued improvements to the client access side of Silver Online. With this new feature, advisors can better track when clients login to a provided Client Access Portal or if they've made a number of certain changes to their plan. Starting off, the alerts are limited to tracking whether or not someone logs into their Client Access Portal, and if they've made any changes to their total investments. For more information on Silver's Client Access click here.

The alerts that Silver users receive whenever a client makes changes through their portal can be filtered. In the current version, users can choose whether or not to be alerted whenever a client logs into the portal. As the alerts section of the program expands, users will have more options about the type of alerts they wish to receive or not.

The ability to choose whether or not to be alerted whenever a client logs into their portal can be changed for all newly created clients or for an individual client. For all newly created clients, the change can be made through either Personal Settings or Company Settings. With individual clients, the option is found in the Client Access Setup section for a given client.

For advisors that are the sole users of Silver Online at their company, it is recommended to make changes through Personal Settings. Changes in that section override changes made in company Company Settings, while changes made to an individual client override any defaults.

Users can view all alerts by selecting the "Alerts" option in the top right. To view alerts pertaining to a specific individual, open up that client then select the Client Alerts option under Client Access on the left. Note that when "Dismiss" is selected, the corresponding alert will be removed for all users in the company. The name of the client can be selected to open that client, and the plan name can be selected to enter the plan for that client as well.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact support by sending a support request or calling 1-877-421-9815 ext. 0.

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