by Carolyn Rothwell on February 18, 2016

Creating Custom Report Sets in Silver (Desktop & Online Edition)

Less is more when it comes to printed reports. While planning often requires detailed output to verify and confirm the planning model, the report the client sees can often be much shorter. Fewer pages can let you focus on the primary issues and keep your conversation with your client on track. Silver's custom report option offers the ability to create, save and use page collections to fit your presentation preferences.

Desktop Edition:
Go to the [Report Selection] menu and select [Create/Modify Custom Reports].

Online Edition (shown below):
Go to the [Settings] tab and select [Report Customization].

Note:  Permission settings in Silver Online may limit your ability to view or change information under Settings.  Users with an administrator role will have an [Administration] tab where the default report sets can be created as the user defaults.

Silver Online Report Selection

After choosing to create a new custom report set, the report selection view will display. Provide a Report Name [ 1 ] for the custom report set. Report Sections [ 2 ] controls the Available Pages [ 3 ] that display below. Use Report Sections to display all report pages or limit the report pages by section.  Select from the Available Pages list on the left and use the buttons [ 4 ] to add report pages to the Selected Pages [ 5 ] list on the right. Multiple pages can be selected by holding down the Ctrl key.  

After moving all the desired pages to the Selected Pages list, you can reorder the list by using the small red and green arrows. Select a report page and click an arrow to move it up or down on the Selected Pages list. Be sure to click Update [ 6 ] to save the newly created report set. Custom report sets can be edited to add, remove or change the order of report pages. 

By default, the program will run the entire set of reports.  Change the report set used to when generating reports by following the steps below. 

Desktop Edition:
Go to the [Report Selection] menu to select the custom report set. When you generate the report, the pages will reflect the selected pages and order of the custom report set.

Online Edition (shown below):
When you are within a client plan, select Reports from the left menu.  Select the report set. When you generate the report, the pages will reflect the selected pages and order of the custom report set.



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