by Carolyn Rothwell on July 21, 2017

Settings Change in Silver - Online Edition

The online edition of Silver's big-picture financial planning software features a new Settings option. This change is another step improving Silver's planning experience by providing a focus on clients and plans.

Before:Before - Settings Tabs Always Displayed

After: After - Settings Icon Opens Settings Tab

The settings section provides access to Settings, Administration and Management Reports, which were formally available as separate tabs along the top of the program. 

Selecting Settings displays a [Settings] tab. The left side menu includes items Personal Settings, Company Settings, Administration, and Management Reports.  User roles control which items are available on the left side menu.  

Settings Tab Includes Settings, Admin. and Management

For example, an administrator with full permissions through user roles will see all the options.  A non-administrator with full permissions through user roles will see Personal Settings and Management reports.

Click on the [Clients] tab to the left to get back to clients and client plans.

Personal Settings:

Customized personal information and planning preferences. 
  • Profile - Personal information
  • Change Password - Change personal password
  • Asset Allocation* - Asset class names and suggested allocations
  • Cover Page* - Advisor information for the report cover
  • Cover Page Logo* - Advisor image for the report cover
  • Long-Term Care* - LTC cost defaults by spending level
  • Report Customization* - Create and edit custom report sets
  • Budget Expense Items* - Budget worksheet line items
  • Defaults* - Planning defaults like rates of return

* = Availability controlled by User Roles 

Company Settings:

Customized planning preferences for the company. Company settings are only available to administrators.  When users roles do not allow permissions to customize items under personal settings, the users planning preferences are defined by company settings. See descriptions for each item under Personal Settings. 

  • Asset Allocation 
  • Cover Page
  • Cover Page Logo
  • Long-Term Care
  • Report Customization
  • Budget Expense Items
  • Defaults


Management of users and roles. 
  • Users - User management
  • Roles - Define and apply roles to users
  • Password Policies - Control password policies

Management Reports:

  • Groups* - Create user groups and assign managers
  • Reports** - Reports to show user activity and details

* Only available to administrators.
** Users who are not administrators or a group manager can view personal activity reports only.

The tab order for clients, the selected client and the selected plan has also been changed. Clients always displays on the first tab.  When a client is open, the client displays on the second tab.  When a plan is open for the client, the plan displays on the third tab. 

Tab Order - Clients, Opened Client, Opened Plan

Learn about additional improvements to Silver's big-picture financial planning by checking out the Silver + Improvements = Planning in Less Time post. 


If you have any questions about this change, please contact our support team for assistance. Call 877-421-9815 ext. 0 or send a support request.  

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