by Carolyn Rothwell on June 7, 2016

Set Your Session Timeout Duration in Silver Online

Session timeouts help protect data when you leave your computer unattended by logging you out of the system so information cannot be viewed without the proper login credentials. Twenty minutes is a common standard for a session to timeout, and that was the default session timeout for Silver Online, which until recently was hard-set. 

We know advisors are often interrupted, and twenty minutes can go by with a phone call, an email or two, or just a search to find supporting materials. To improve your planning experience, Silver Online will now allow program administrators to change the session timeout duration. The new default will be fifteen minutes, but now the system will allow this session timeout to be customized to best suit your needs. 

The maximum session timeout duration is sixty minutes. If you are working on your personal computer at the office or at home, you should feel comfortable increasing your session timeout duration. However, if you work from shared or public computers help ensure your client data is protected by maintaining a shorter timeout duration.

If you are an administrator, you will have an Administration tab on the top menu. Select the Password Policies tab. Here you will find the option to change the session timeout duration.Enter the desired timeout session in minutes. Save your session timeout by clicking [Update]. This will apply to all user accounts for within the company. 
Silver Online Password Policies
Password Policies also includes a password reset requirement. When enabled, the administrator can set the maximum number of days that a password is valid. After this number of days, users will have to change their passwords for Silver Online.

Log in to Silver Online to adjust password policies: 
Login to Silver Online

Do you have a question about Password Policies in Silver Online? Call toll free 877.421.9815 ext 0 or send a support request for assistance. 


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