by Carolyn Rothwell on October 10, 2017

Projecting Retirement Plan(s) Separately in TOTAL

Up to four retirement accounts can be projected separately in TOTAL, providing flexibility and control.  The default approach is to "pool" all the client's deductible retirement accounts into one report, and all the second client's  retirement accounts into a second report.

A client may want to see one or more accounts separately to clearly illustrate starting withdrawals or changing addition amounts on a particular account.  Or, a client might have a retirement plan that invested more conservatively, earning a lower rate of return than the client's other retirement plans.  Using the option to project this retirement plan separately will illustrate the details of a single retirement plan.

When entering a tax-deductible retirement account, a check box appears at the bottom right of the Asset Input form with the text "Project this Retirement Plan Separately".

When this box is checked, a separate report will be created to illustrate this account.  This option is available for a total of four retirement plans, and each may be for either client. The option is available for tax-deductible retirement plans only. 

In the example shown, the client's Rollover IRA account is reported on its own report page, rather than grouped with client's other qualified plans.

Retirement Plan Projected Separately:


Remaining Retirement Plans: 


Without the retirement plan projected separately, the primary Retirement Accounts report includes all of the client's tax-deductible retirement plans. 



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