by Alexander Long on September 17, 2018

Redtail Connections:   Silver Online Integration

Redtail is integrated into Silver Online. Advisors get client planning details directly from their Redtail data. Create entirely new planning clients from Redtail, or updates existing client plans. 

To make this new Redtail connection, open the clients list then select the Import option on the right and the new "Redtail" option. Select "Redtail", use your login credentials to list Redtail contacts. 


The contact list shows up to 50 clients. For more than 50 contacts, use the search box. Redtail imports clients one at a time. Only check Redtail clients that connect to a single Silver plan. 


After selecting all the Redtail individuals to import into a plan and pressing continue, you will assign Redtail individual lists as either Individual 1, Individual 2, or Child. The "Individual" assignments help decide asset ownership and whose name would first appear on the report. The "Child" assignment enter that contact in the Education Funding section as a dependent. 


After assigning contacts, continue and you will see basic information about the number of assets and dependents. The consolidate check box tells Silver to treat accounts as a single investment. Left unchecked, Silver creates investments for each asset within every account. 


If a client name matches an existing one, there is an option for Redtail information to update a client or create a new client. There is an option to update one of the existing plans or to have Silver create a new plan with the Redtail holdings. 

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to Technical Support by call 1-877-421-9815 ext 0, or send a support request

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