by Carolyn Rothwell on January 16, 2015

New Computer - Steps to Transfer Silver Financial Planner

NewComputerThis tech tip details the steps to install, transfer data, and license Silver Financial Planner (desktop edition) to a new computer.  If you use Silver Online, no action is required - simply will open a browser and login and start planning.

Step 1 – Install:

Download and install from our website,  Click the “Update Now” button for current users on the lower right hand side of the homepage.  Choose to update Silver Financial Planner

Step 2 - Transfer Data:

Data on Network:
If your client files are stored on a network drive, you will not need to make any data transfers.  

Data on Local Computer: 
The client files are each saved as separate files on the computer.

The default location is:  Documents\Money Tree Software\Silver Financial Planner 4.0

You can perform a search on the old computer for any files with a .sfp extension. Once you have found the files on the old computer, transfer them to the new computer using whatever means you are most comfortable with, such as a USB drive, zip drive, CD, or email. You may want to place them in the default directory listed above.

Once you have transferred your files, you will be able to begin using the software just as you did on the old computer. After opening the program for the first time, choose “File” and “Open.” Navigate to the location of your transferred/networked files. Once you open a program from the folder containing your transferred files, the program will remember that location and will open to that folder by default, allowing you to continue using your transferred files seamlessly on your new computer.

Step 3 - License:

After the program has installed, you will need to license the program by clicking the button “Register Your Copy” or by going to “Help” and choosing “Activate Your Copy of Silver.” This will open the registration window where you can enter your license key.

If you do not have your license key, go to “Help” and “About” on the old computer to retrieve the information. If you no longer have access to your old computer or if entering your license key causes an error, contact technical support for help.

Step 4 – Custom Report Templates / Custom Default Settings (optional):

If you created custom report sets and would like to move those to the new computer rather than re-create them, you will need to copy the file holding this information, CustomReportData.xml, from your old computer and move it to the new computer.  If you want to transfer your default settings, including custom asset classes and advisor information, copy the file defaults.sfpd from your old computer and move it to the new computer.

Browse to: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Money Tree Software\Silver Financial Planner 4.0. 

Here you will find the CustomReportData.xml and defaults.spfd files.   Transfer these file to the same location on your new computer, replacing any existing files.    

Replacing these file on the new computer with the copy from your old computer will transfer all custom print templates and customized program settings. 

After completing the steps above, your new computer will be up and running with Silver Finacial Planner (desktop edition).  
If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact our support team by calling 877-421-9815 or emailing  We are here to help! 

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