by Carolyn Rothwell on December 30, 2014

Happy New Year! Money Tree will be Closed New Years Day.


We will be closed New Years Day to ring in 2015, and will be back in the office Friday, the 2nd.  
Money Tree wishes you all a very happy new year!  

To wrap up the last post of 2014, we are sharing the top 10 posts of the year, and throwing in the top 5 tech-tips for Silver Financial Planner and TOTAL Planning Suite of all time.

Top 10 Posts of 2014:

  1. How do you Estimate Clients' Retirement Expenses for Financial Plans?
  2. Adjusting Retirement Spending Needs in Silver and TOTAL Planning Suite
  3. Calculating Taxable Social Security Benefits - Not as Easy as 0%, 50%, 85%
  4. Top 10 Silver Financial Planner Questions Asked to our Support Team
  5. Which Clients are most likely to Leave? Client Retention Study
  6. Free Medicare Guide for Financial Advisors - Updated for 2014
  7. 2015 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits Announced by IRS
  8. Summer Release of TOTAL Planning Suite - Available Now!
  9. Easy Money Power Planner vs. Golden Years Cash Flow - TOTAL Planning Suite
  10. How to Update State Taxes in TOTAL Planning Suite (Desktop Edition)

Top 5 Tech-Tip Posts of All Time:


  1. Inflation Assumptions in your Financial Planning Program
  2. Social Security Benefits - Today’s Dollars or Future Dollars?
  3. CFP® - How to get the register symbol like this "®", not this "(R)"
  4. Cover Page Customization in Silver Financial Planner & TOTAL Planning Suite
  5. Tax Penalties on Pre-59.5 Retirement Plan Withdrawals

Silver Financial Planner

  1. Silver 101 - Understanding the Retirement Capital Analysis
  2. Silver 101 - Understanding the Cash Flow Illustration
  3. Top 5 Input Mistakes to Avoid for Silver Financial Planner
  4. Best Practices - Mortgage Payments in Silver Financial Planner
  5. 3 Easy Steps to Change Planning Defaults in Silver Financial Planner

TOTAL Planning Suite (Easy Money & Golden Years)

  1. Top 5 Input Mistakes to Avoid for TOTAL Planning Suite
  2. Retirement Needs and Capital Analysis Planning Reports in Easy Money
  3. Cash Flow Illustration and Retirement Capital Estimate in Golden Years
  4. 5 Residence Sale Scenarios - TOTAL Planning Suite Tech Tip
  5. Easy Money – Understanding Tax Rates and Override Options


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