by Carolyn Rothwell on January 30, 2017

Current Asset Allocation Override Option in Silver

Silver is all about keeping planning simple, and a new option makes reflecting a client's current asset allocation even easier.

Current Asset Allocation Override - New Option in Silver:

The Asset Allocation report shows a client's current allocation vs. suggested allocation. The current allocation is determined by the asset class assigned to each asset by the planner. The new option allows you to override the current asset allocation. This feature eliminates any need to breakdown assets for the sake of reflecting the client's current asset allocation. 

Using the Current Asset Allocation Override Option:

Simply enter the percentage of each class representing the client’s current allocation using the "Current Allocation Override" input. The allocation needs to total 100%. This will override the current allocation displayed to the left under "Current Allocation", which the calculated allocation based on classes assigned to individual assets on the asset entry.  


By default, the "Current Allocation Override" values are 0% and the reports will reflect the calculated allocation based on classes is assigned to individual assets on the asset entry. When the "Current Allocation Override" percentages are entered, the reports will reflect the percentages entered by the planner to represent the client's current allocation.   

Asset Allocation Report:

The asset allocation is used for a single report page, Asset Allocation Graph. The report displays the client's current allocation vs. suggested allocation.


The "Current Allocation Override" will be reflected as the client's current allocation in the graph, and in the table below. The dollar amounts in the table are calculated based on the percentage of the total portfolio value.

This great option to simplify reflecting a client's current asset allocation was suggested by an advisor planning with Silver.
If you have ideas for the software, please take a moment to share them with us.  We love to hear your suggestions to improve the software.

Learn more about Silver's asset classes, including add classes, changing the class names, and how to modify the suggested allocations by reading the blog post, Customizing Asset Classes, and Allocations in Silver.

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