by Carolyn Rothwell on May 21, 2014

Easy Way Keep Data Safe? Don't Enter It.

Keeping financial planning information safe is a top priority for Money Tree Software.  Last month, HeartbleedOpenSSL bug was splashed all over the news.  As you know, Money Tree Software was not vulnerable to this internet security flaw as we do not use OpenSSL, but it is very likely other websites you use were vulnerable until they were able to correct the problem.  

The surest ways to keep critical information safe is simply not to record sensitive data.  Financial planning software requires some personal information, such as birth dates for planning projections and names to personalize reports.  Other optional personal information such as social security numbers or contact information are not required for calculations but have been entry points for the software and display on the reports due to past customer requests. 

SSNRemovalAs part of our efforts to keep your data safe, we are limiting sensitive client information and removing unnecessary items from the software.As a first step, we have eliminated the option to record social security numbers under client information and have removed this information from the system in the online editions. This change will be included in the next release of the desktop editions.   

We will continue to evaluate information that may be removed from our software in an effort to keep your client data safe.  We will announce any changes along the way. Remember, the best way to keep information safe for any software or websites you use is to simply not enter it, especially when the information is highly sensitive and not required.  


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