by Carolyn Rothwell on January 9, 2014

Start the Year with a Fresh 30-Day Trial of Money Tree's Financial Planning Software

Still looking for the right planning solution?  Start the year with a fresh 30-day trial.  

Find the financial planning solution for your practice free of charge, and get full access to all of the features and technical support for a 30-day trial on the latest software.  

YES! I want a fresh trial for the New Year

Money Tree provides a full spectrum of planning tools to satisfy varying planning styles and customer types.  Find the perfect financial planning software for your practice by starting a fresh 30-day trial for the New Year


As a financial adviser, you are dedicated to helping your clients’ reach their goals.  Resolve to provide clients your best planning advice, backed by professional analysis and financial projections designed to educate and motivate your clients.   

YES! I want a fresh trial for the New Year


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Carolyn Rothwell

Carolyn enjoys spending her time building Money Tree Software's brand and products. Her experience creating and delivering financial plans for a full-service financial planning firm and supporting advisors working to provide the best planning to their clients as a Money Tree support member has provided an excellent understanding of the importance of financial planning.