by Carolyn Rothwell on June 25, 2013

Cash Flow Illustration and Retirement Capital Estimate in Golden Years

Clearly convey your clients’ retirement income strategy with two main reports from TOTAL Planning Suite’s Golden Years.  The guides below will help answer common questions about two key reports, the Cash Flow Illustration and the Retirement Capital Estimate.  

Cash Flow Illustration (B7)

The Cash Flow Illustration answer the question of how much of the clients’ income need will be covered by scheduled income sources of items like Social Security and Pension benefits, and display any resulting cash flow surplus or (shortage). 

The Cash Flow Illustration displays scheduled income sources vs. expenses to determine a client's annual cash flow shortage or surplus.  Scheduled income sources include earned income, RMDs from retirement plans, defined pension benefits, Social Security and other sources of cash flow (sale of residences, inheritances, rental properties , etc.) not included on another column to the left.  Withdrawals from qualified investments (other than RMDs) and non-qualified investments will be included only if distributions have been scheduled in the plan entry.  

The Cash Flow Illustration determines the amount of surplus cash flow available for reinvestment or the shortage that will need to be covered by assets.  Use this report to answer the question: "Is there a cash flow shortage?" Answer to follow-up question, "Where does the money come from to solve the shortages?" using the Retirement Capital Estimate.  

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Retirement Capital Estimate (F3)

The Retirement Capital Estimate provides the answer to the follow up question of how the clients' assets can be distributed to cover cash flow shortages and the assets ability to sustain the clients' required withdrawals for shortages.


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The reports in Golden Years are designed to help planners counsel clients about cash flow, distributions, and tax implications. Golden Years is available as part of TOTAL Planning Suite.  View sample reports and sign up for a free trial version of this financial planning retirement software a today! 

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