by Carolyn Rothwell on November 29, 2012

Find the Financial Planning Solution You Can Rely On

Money Tree offers planning solutions you can rely on - whatever your need.  Are you having trouble deciding which financial planning software solution is best for you and your clients? 
How about a little help

How to Choose What's Right for You

* Easy Money and Golden Years are integrated through the Money Tree TOTAL Planning Suite's highly flexible input platform to make a great planning pair. Combine Easy Money's accumulation phase planning with Golden Year's distribution phase cash flow and tax planning to analyze and plan, depending on your clients needs.

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Plans created during the evaluation period will be fully accessible after purchase.

Need more help deciding which planning solution is right for you?  

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Carolyn Rothwell

Carolyn enjoys spending her time building Money Tree Software's brand and products. Her experience creating and delivering financial plans for a full-service financial planning firm and supporting advisors working to provide the best planning to their clients as a Money Tree support member has provided an excellent understanding of the importance of financial planning.