by Carolyn Rothwell on October 16, 2012

3 Easy Steps to Change Planning Defaults in Silver

Technical Support is often asked if planners can edit defaults for common inputs in Silver, such as the expense items in the Budget Calculation Worksheet or the rates of return on the Rates page. The defaults can be changed in both the desktop and online edition. 

Desktop Edition
Here’s how in 3 easy steps:

In Silver, select the File menu and choose New. This will clear any data and load the default file.
Go through the input sections (Income/Expenses, Rates, etc.) and make any changes you would like to see as defaults.
Go to File and select Save As.

Browse to
C:\Users\[User name]\AppData\Roaming\Money Tree Software\Silver Financial Planner 4.0
(Hint - You can type in %appdata% in the navigation bar of the file browser window to jump to the AppData folder) 

Here you will find a mtree file (or mtree.sfp if you can see the extension). Highlight the mtree file and choose Save. You will be prompted to overwrite the existing file – choose Yes.

This will change your defaults in Silver. When you go back to File and select New, the new file opened will reflect your changes.

Helpful Tip:
After confirming your defaults have been saved, we recommend that you go to File -> Open, and navigate to My Documents/Money Tree Software/Silver Financial Planner 4.0 (or wherever you typically save your Silver files). Open the Sample file (or any other client file). Then choose File -> Save. This way, the last file you opened and saved will be in your default folder, instead of the AppData folder.
Online Edition 
A defaults section is available within Settings. This provides control over the planning variables automatically populated when a new plan is created. Defaults include items like increase rates on earned income, inflation rates for expenses, rates of return and tax rates.


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