by Carolyn Rothwell on February 5, 2016

Cover Page Customization in Silver Financial Planner (Desktop & Online Editions)

Advisors can easily customize the information that appears on the cover page of Silver Financial Planner.

The information planners can customize for the cover page includes:
- Cover Page Report Title 
- Client Name
- Date
- Advisor Information
- Logo
- 10 Lines of Additional Text 
Silver Cover Page Example
In addition to the cover page, the page header, an optional page footer, page numbers, and draft copy indicator can be customized, which apply to all report pages.
Silver Report Header & Footer
Client Name & Date
The client name and report date are set within the plan data.  The client name [ 2 ] is entered on the [Names/Ages] section under the [Names for Report Heading] field. The cover page date is located directly below and includes the current date unless [Use Alternate Report Date] [ 3 ] is selected.    

Silver Destkop Edition - Report Name & Date
Cover Page Report Title, Advisor Information, Logo, 10 Lines of Additional Text & Report Header Text:
The majority of the report cover page customization is set within the program settings.  This information will be used for every plan created in Silver. After you have customized this information, the Silver title page will reflect your changes. 
Desktop Edition (shown below):
Go to the [Options] menu and select [Customize Advisor Information]. [Cover Page Text] and [Cover Page Logo] will display as two tabs along the top of the window (shown below.)

Online Edition:
Go to the [Settings] tab, sections for [Cover Page] and [Cover Page Logo] will display.

Note:  Permission settings in Silver Online may limit your ability to view or change information under Settings.  Users with an administrator role will have an [Administration] tab where the cover page information can be set as the user defaults.

Silver Destkop Edition - Cover Page Text, Logo & Footer
Silver Cover Page Example

Page Header, Page Footer, Page Numbers, and Draft Options:

Report page customization applying to all report pages include the page header and options for a custom page footer, page numbers and draft status indication.  This information will be used for every plan created in Silver. After you have customized this information, the Silver report pages will reflect your changes.  

The report title [ 7 ] is located on the same input as the report cover page text.  The single report footer
[ 8 ] line that displays below the standard two line footer is entered in the same section.  The client name
[ 2 ] is carried forward from the Names/Ages data input and is the same name as used for the cover page report.  Draft indication [ 9 ] that displays on the top left of each report page and page numbers [ 10 ] that display on the bottom right can be turned on or off under Report Selection.

Silver Report Header and Footer

Note: This post was originally published in May of 2012 and has been revamped and updated for comprehensiveness. 

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