by Carolyn Rothwell on December 13, 2011

TOTAL Planning Suite - 2 powerful features you might be missing

Cash Flow PlanningDon't miss out on two powerful features found on the Rate Changes tab under the Asset Summary input of TOTAL Planning Suite.

This tab allows you to change the rate of return for any asset type, at any age!

Each asset type is listed: Taxable, Equity/Other, Tax Deferred, Tax-Free, and Retirement Plan. Highlight the asset type. The age-change table will display. Enter the client's age to change the return and the new return assumptions. Like any age-change table, you can enter multiple ages to change the return for any age. You can specify how much of the return is Interest, Dividends, Capital Gains and Appreciation.  If you need more information about the different assets types in TOTAL Planning Suite, see our blog post "5 Asset Types Defined!"

This tab also includes a Cash Payout Option.

This is a check box available for each asset type. Check the box to include the amount of interest, dividends and capital gains on the Cash Flow Illustration as an income source. The program will take a cash withdrawal equal to the earnings to be used as income instead of reinvesting the earnings. Select the "Cash payout option" check box to start taking the account earnings in cash today, or use the age change table to start the cash payout in the future.  Please note, this function is primarily for Golden Years.  For Easy Money, this cash payout option will only impact the current year cash flow report.

Asset Rate Changes

In the example shown, at age 65, the Equity/Other accounts rate of return will change to 1.5% interest, 1% dividends, 2% capital gains, and 2% inflation, amounting to a total rate of return of 6%.  The "Cash" option is also selected, meaning the program will start taking all of the Equity/Other account earnings in cash, rather than being automatically reinvested.


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