by Carolyn Rothwell on December 8, 2011

3 Steps to Include "What If?" Scenarios in Silver Reports

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Wondering how to save "What If?" scenarios and include the pages in the client reports?  You can include up to three "What If?" scenarios for the client reports by following three easy steps!

  1. First, enter changes in the "What If?" input until you have a scenario you want to keep. Then type in a descriptive name for it in the "Scenario Text" field directly below the horizontal row of buttons and above the data fields on the right, e.g. "Maximize Roth Accounts."

  2. Next, click the "Save/Report" button in the lower right corner of the screen. This will open a dialog box. You will notice the name you have just in put in the "Current Scenario Description" field. You can save up to three "What If?" scenarios, so click one of the three "Save" buttons and it will now be saved. You can go back to the "What If?" section and create some other options to save if desired.

  3. To include a saved scenario within the reports, click the check-box within the Save/Report dialog box after the name of the saved scenario, and then "OK".

    Silver Save What If Scenarios

The next time you generate your report set, three "What-if?" pages will be included – the modified retirement graph, Monte-Carlo tornado chart and Retirement Capital Analysis all showing the effects of the changes made to the original data.

Not a current user of Silver?  Give it a try! 

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