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Mark Snodgrass, President of Money Tree Software, has been working with advisors to develop professional financial planning models and reports for over twenty-five years. Please address correspondence or questions regarding this article to or to Mark Snodgrass, Money Tree Software, 2430 NW Professional Dr., Corvallis, OR 97330

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Retirement, Market Uncertainty, and Monte Carlo

by Mark Snodgrass

Twenty years ago, Monte Carlo probability based methods found a place in the financial planning profession as advisors began to use these stochastic simulation models to show clients how different retirement strategies might be expected to perform under dynamic stresses of many varied potential economic and market driven futures. The advantage of probability based analysis over straight line deterministic illustrations lay in Monte Carlo’s ability to convey risk and volatility as unpredictable facts of financial life, and offer a technique to contrast and compare the risks and benefits of various planning options.

Retirement Plan Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

by Mark Snodgrass

Advisors often call in with questions about how to recognize RMD's in their financial planning software. Each program calculates RMD's, with their own ways of displaying. 

In the article provided, Money Tree Software president Mark Snodgrass goes over the various RMD rules for a variety of retirement plan types and where to go in each program to see those distributions. 


Retirement Plan Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

By Mark Snodgrass

Financial Information Categories - A Communication Perspective

by Mark Snodgrass

Communicating effectively with clients about the finer details of their finances can be a difficult task. Not only can it be difficult to get clients to feel comfortable sharing the personal details of their financial information, but the amount of information needed to create the best plan can make it easy to miss some important parts of a financial plan. 


In the article below, Money Tree Software president Mark Snodgrass provides his insights on various categories of financial information to help organize the information and determine what is important for a client's financial plan. 

Facts, Estimates, Objectives, Assumptions and Parameters

By Mark Snodgrass

Silver Online - Helping Clients Use the What-If? Screen

by Mark Snodgrass

Advisors using Silver Online may choose to allow clients access to the What-If? system within the client portal. This powerful tool allows clients to make certain changes to their planning assumptions and quickly see the effects on their retirement capital projection.

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