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Alexander Long

Alex is a Technical Support Specialist at Money Tree Software. He works with advisors on a daily basis, helping them navigate the software and providing tips and recommendations for a wide array of scenarios and models within the software.

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RMD Start Ages in TOTAL

by Alexander Long

With the passage of the SECURE Act in December 2019, there came important changes in the timing of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for retirement plans. For those who have not yet started their RMDs, they will now begin when they turn 72 years old.

SECURE Act Updates are Live

by Alexander Long

With a day to spare, we’ve updated all Money Tree Software to reflect the changes made in the 2020 Federal Tax information and the SECURE ACT. Each program has been thoroughly tested to ensure that our results are accurate and compliant with the changes in the SECURE Act.

Multiple Inherited IRAs in TOTAL

by Alexander Long

With the most recent update to TOTAL Planning Suite, the Inherited IRA feature has been updated to allow users to enter multiple Inherited IRAs. Each inherited IRA will have its own report page, so they can be entered in any pattern to illustrate even the most complex system of inherited IRAs.

Scheduled Maintenance - Saturday 7/27 at 9 AM PT

by Alexander Long

Scheduled maintenance will take place Saturday, July 27th, starting at 9:00 AM PDT (12 PM EDT) and lasting until 2:00 PM PDT (5 PM EDT). During this maintenance window you will be unable to access TOTAL Online or Silver Online.

State Income Taxes Updated for 2019 on TOTAL

by Alexander Long

2019 state tax income tax information is now available.  If you plan with TOTAL, Money Tree's in-depth financial planning software, it's standard practice to ensure the state tax rates are entered for all of the states your clients reside in and the rates are up-to-date each year. The Tax Foundation is an excellent resource for 2019 state tax rates.  

Both our online and desktop versions of TOTAL include a feature allowing Money Tree to populate the tax information for all states in the program's settings.  In the State Tax Settings section of each program there are inputs to adjust the tax data for each state. The "Reset All State Tax Settings" will clear any custom or out-of-date state tax information and fill it with current information on record at Money Tree.

In Online edition of TOTAL there is the "Allow Money Tree to Update State Tax" checkbox. If that box is checked, then Money Tree will automatically update the state tax information once per year, shortly after the information is updated.

This year, Money Tree will update the state tax information for all electing users one week from the posting of this blog: Tuesday, May 14.

Scheduled System Maintenance Window - Friday 2/8 at 6 PM PT

by Alexander Long

To ensure Money Tree is delivering the best online experience, there will be some brief scheduled maintenance starting about 6 PM PT on Friday 2/8. While this important work is performed, some software functions may be briefly unavailable. 

2019 Tax Updates in Effect for Silver and TOTAL

by Alexander Long

With the new year, the IRS has released its adjustments to taxes in 2019. No major laws were passed affecting 2019 earnings or deductions; the IRS only made standard adjustments to index for inflation. Since the changes were much simpler, updating to reflect the changes has proven to be quicker this year. Both Silver and TOTAL are now updated to reflect these adjustments.

New to TOTAL Desktop - Live Capital Projection Graph

by Alexander Long

With the newest version of  TOTAL Desktop advisors are now able to open a retirement projection graph during data entry. This graph allows advisors to actively see how each change affects a scenario.

Redtail Connections:   Silver Online Integration

by Alexander Long

Redtail is integrated into Silver Online. Advisors get client planning details directly from their Redtail data. Create entirely new planning clients from Redtail, or updates existing client plans. 

TOTAL - Report Calculation Overhaul

by Alexander Long

The development team here at Money Tree is overhauling the calculation engine used in TOTAL. These changes are affecting some report pages before others so that the development team can make all the necessary changes while still being able to regularly update the program for bug fixes and some new features.

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