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RMD Start Ages in TOTAL

SECURE Act Updates are Live

Multiple Inherited IRAs in TOTAL

Scheduled Maintenance - Saturday 7/27 at 9 AM PT

Retirement, Market Uncertainty, and Monte Carlo

Money Tree Software Going Paperless!

State Income Taxes Updated for 2019 on TOTAL

Spring Silver Special

Scheduled System Maintenance Window - Friday 2/8 at 6 PM PT

2019 Tax Updates in Effect for Silver and TOTAL

Annuities in TOTAL

New to TOTAL Desktop - Live Capital Projection Graph

Redtail Connections:   Silver Online Integration

Retirement Plan Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

TOTAL - Report Calculation Overhaul

Silver Online - Client Access Walk-Through

Financial Information Categories - A Communication Perspective

Best Practices - Mortgage Payments in Silver

Silver Online - Client Access Alerts

Silver Online - Helping Clients Use the What-If? Screen

Tax Reform in TOTAL - Qualified Business Income Deduction

TOTAL - New Version: QBI Deduction, Increase Rates on Tax Data Items, Joint Misc. Insurance Ownership

TOTAL: Planning Data - Future Change Table Amounts & Increase Rates

How Will the Tax Reform Affect my Tax Return? Answer Clients' Questions with TOTAL

TOTAL Online 2018 State Tax Update - Opt In by Friday, April 20th

Additional Features of TOTAL's 2018 Tax Update

Traditional CPI (CPI-U) vs. Chained CPI (C-CPI-U) & TOTAL's Tax Projections

Demonstrating the Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Clients' Financial Plans

TOTAL's 2018 Tax Update - Available Now

State Income Tax Data Updated for 2018 - Now Available in TOTAL

Top 5 Things to Know about Taxes in Silver

Silver - 2018 Tax Update Available Now

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act & Financial Planning Software Updates

Reflecting Investment Strategy Changes in TOTAL

10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

Silver's Retirement Capital Analysis Spending Needs

Tax Changes for the 2018 Tax Year

2018 Retirement Plan Limits Announced by IRS

Social Security Benefits Increase by 2% for 2018

Client Access and Report Enhancements in Silver - Available Now

2017 Financial Planning Days and Pro-Bono Planning Support

Projecting Retirement Plan(s) Separately in TOTAL

4 Things to Know about Roth 401(k)s in your Financial Planning Software

10-Year Cash Flow Detail - New Reports in TOTAL

TOTAL - New Release Available Now

Roth IRA Conversions in TOTAL

Solar Eclipse 8/21 - Support Services Impact

Settings Change in Silver - Online Edition

Including Debt Payments with Expenses in Silver

Silver + Improvements = Planning in Less Time

Web Browser & Operating System Requirements for Online Editions

Top 50 Plan Changes to Explore Using TOTAL Online's What-If

Understanding Silver's Survivor Needs Analysis

Announcing TOTAL Online's Powerful What-If System

2017 State Income Taxes

2017 State Tax Update for TOTAL Online: Opt-In by Thursday, April 20th

Illustrating Roth IRA Conversions / Rollovers in TOTAL

Converting a Rental into a Residence in TOTAL

Top Client Services: Retirement Income & Financial Planning

The Ins & Outs of Stock Options in TOTAL

Current Asset Allocation Override Option in Silver

FAQ: Updating Desktop Editions of Money Tree Software

2017 Tax Updates Available Now for Silver and TOTAL

Holiday Hours - Closed Monday December 26th

10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

Giving Our Thanks to You & Holiday Hours

Social Security Planning One Year After BBA

Tax Changes for the 2017 Tax Year

2017 Retirement Plan Limits Announced by IRS

Social Security Taxable Wages Increase by 7.3% for 2017

2016 Financial Planning Days and Pro-Bono Planning Support

Check Out Our New Website

Entering HSA and FSA in TOTAL

TOTAL Report Design Survey - Tell Us What You Think

3 Types of Medicare Tax & Break Down Example in Golden Years

Join a 20-minute Training Class of TOTAL's Social Security Strategies This Week

Improved Graphs & Report Visuals -  TOTAL 2016 Summer Release (Part II)

New Social Security Strategies Feature - TOTAL 2016 Summer Release (Part I)

Introducing TOTAL's Social Security Strategies and Redesigned Graphs

Report Selection - Creating Custom Report Sets in TOTAL

Cover Page Customization in TOTAL (Easy Money & Golden Years)

Actions of Saving More and Working Longer Win Out Over Spending Less

Capturing Business Income and Sale Proceeds in TOTAL

Set Your Session Timeout Duration in Silver Online

TOTAL Online 2016 State Tax Update - Opt In by Friday, May 20th

2016 State Tax Rates - Update TOTAL's State Tax Settings

A Good Time to Discuss College Costs and Planning

Illustrate a Capital Loss Carryforward in TOTAL Planning Suite - Golden Years

Plan Updates with Silver Online's Customer Access

New "Override Amount" in Silver's Social Security Options

Silver Online Customer Access - User Guide

2016 Training Survey - Vote for your Preferred Format and Location

File & Suspend Social Security Strategy Deadline Approaching:  April 29th

Financial Planning - Process, Time, and Profits

Creating Custom Report Sets in Silver (Desktop & Online Edition)

Plan Presentation Options: Paper Reports, Online, Email and Client Access

Cover Page Customization in Silver Financial Planner (Desktop & Online Editions)

2016 Tax Updates Available Now for Silver and TOTAL

New Year, New Tax Rules: Straightforward Changes for 2016

Holiday Hours - Closing at Noon New Year's Eve, Closed New Year's Day

Holiday Hours - Closing at Noon Christmas Eve, Closed Christmas Day

15 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

Silver's Social Security Visualizer™ Updated to Reflect BBA of 2015

Social Security Planning in the Post-Bipartisan Budget Act World

Happy Thanksgiving! Money Tree Closed Thursday, Returning Friday

New User Guides and Videos Available for TOTAL Online

Social Security Game Changer: Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015

New Questionnaires for Silver Financial Planner

Tech Tip: Windows 10 Compatibility

2016 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits Announced by IRS

Social Security Benefits Hold Steady for 2016

Focus Clients on Goals and Next Steps with Planning

2015 Financial Planning Days and Pro-Bono Planning Support

What Americans Don't Know about Social Security Benefits

FPA BE 2015 Kicks off in Boston - Come by our Booth (#905)

Plan to Ease Parents' Top Concern: College Funding

Social Security Strategies, Facts and Figures for 2015

Announcing TOTAL Online's integration with Morningstar Office

Learn More about Silver's Social Security Visualizer™

Announcing Social Security Claiming Strategies in Silver

Silver Online No Longer Supporting Older Version of Internet Explorer (IE 6 & IE7)

Holiday Hours: We will be closed Friday, July 3rd

3rd Party Software Survey

Social Security Claiming Strategies Coming to Silver!

TOTAL Online 2015 State Tax Update Complete

TOTAL Online State Tax Update - May 15th

RMD Start Age 69, 70 or 71 in TOTAL Planning Suite

Time Spent on Taxes vs. Financial Planning

Start Fresh for Spring with a 30-day Trial

2015 T3 Advisor's Edition - February 12-14 in Dallas, TX

TD Ameritrade’s Advisor Conference & TOTAL Online for Veo®

2015 Tax Changes and Software Updates

New Computer - Steps to Transfer Silver Financial Planner

New Computer - Steps to Transfer TOTAL Planning Suite

Happy New Year! Money Tree will be Closed New Years Day.

Christmas Wishes and Money Tree's Holiday Hours

TOTAL Online Update - Session Duration, Express Reports, Performance

Need Help on How Much to Tip this Holiday Season?

80% of Americans FAILED Basic Retirement Income Planning Quiz

Giving Thanks, Money Tree Referral Program, and Holiday Hours

Money Tree's Website is now Mobile Friendly

TOTAL Online One Year Winner!

Veterans Day Gratitude and Pro-Bono Planning Software

12 Tips for Financial Advisors to Build Your Planning Practice

TOTAL Online Integration with Junxure® - Now in Open Beta!

2015 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits Announced by IRS

Celebrating One Year of TOTAL Online - Win One Year!

Money Tree's Back to School Donations

Attending FPA BE in Seattle this weekend? Come see us!

Summer Release of TOTAL Planning Suite - Available Now!

Calculating Taxable Social Security Benefits - Not as Easy as 0%, 50%, 85%

2014 In-Depth Training: Seattle Workshop - Friday, September 19th.

Easy Money Power Planner vs. Golden Years Cash Flow - TOTAL Planning Suite

Adjusting Retirement Spending Needs in Silver and TOTAL Planning Suite

How do you Estimate Clients' Retirement Expenses for Financial Plans?

Graph Design Vote - Your Feedback is Important!

How to Update State Taxes in TOTAL Planning Suite (Desktop Edition)

TOTAL Online State Tax Update - Delayed Until Wednesday

TOTAL Online State Tax Updates this Friday - How to Opt-In (or Out)

Easy Way Keep Data Safe? Don't Enter It.

3 Steps for Selling a Residence in Silver Financial Planner

Taxes are Done! Now is a Great Time to Make Plans with your Clients

Changing Passwords after Heartbleed? 8 Smart Passwords Practices

In the News: Money Tree Software NOT VULNERABLE to Heartbleed

Free Medicare Guide for Financial Advisors - Updated for 2014

2014 Money Tree Training Workshops - We Need Your Vote!

Top 10 Silver Financial Planner Questions Asked to our Support Team

Tax Questions in the Air? Golden Years Cash Flow has Answers.

TOTAL Online for Veo® Training Guide

TOTAL Online is Integrated with the Veo® Platform from TD Ameritrade Institutional

Happy Valentines Day - Take Advantage of the Sweetheart Special!

A Year Ago we Announced TOTAL was Going Online!

Which Clients are most likely to Leave? Client Retention Study

January News: 2014 Tax Updates, Food Drive Results, Upcoming Events

Start the Year with a Fresh 30-Day Trial of Money Tree's Financial Planning Software

December Food Drive Results - Find Out the Total Pounds Donated!

Holiday Hours - Closed New Year's Eve & Day

Holiday Hours - Money Tree Software Closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

December 2013 News: Holiday Food Drive, Practice Management, ACA, Top Tech Tips

Holiday Food Drive Results - Find Out Pounds Donated! This is Huge!

November News: Year-end preparations, giving back, making the switch from TOTAL desktop to online

3 Reasons NOW is the time to add Financial Planning Software to your practice

Clients Spending Too Much? How to Tackle the Topic of Overspending

5 Ways Planning with TOTAL Online Saves you Time

3 Easy Steps to Customize TOTAL Online for your Company

Want a Quick Look at TOTAL Online's Features? Join a Virtual Open House!

October News: TOTAL Online Announcement, FPA Experience, FL Workshop

Did you hear the news? TOTAL Online is HERE!

Last Training Workshop of the Season in Orlando, FL - Friday Oct.18th

7 Tips to Help Prospects Find the Right Financial Advisers (That's You)

Tech Tip: Life Insurance Cash Value in Easy Money and Golden Years

September News: TOTAL Online Beta Ending Soon, Silver 101 Tech Tips

17 Life Insurance Facts to Share with Clients - Life Insurance Awareness Month

Married Filing Jointly - Feds Recognize All Legally Married Same-Sex Couples

August News: TOTAL Planning Suite Release, Orlando Training Workshop

New Version of TOTAL Planning Suite Available Now! (5.0.193)

Retirement Plan Participation Rate Hits Record High - 10 DC Trends

5 Advisor Compensation Findings - Pay Types, Amounts, and More

Silver 101 - Understanding the Cash Flow Illustration

12 Tips for Financial Advisors to Enhance their Business

Education Funding In Silver - Two Different Annual Payment Amounts?

2013 Garrett Retreat - Money Tree's Advanced User Group Workshop

July News: Attract and Retain Clients with Financial Plans, Silver Release

New Version of Silver Financial Planner Available Now!

Holiday Hours - We will be closed Thursday the 4th, open Friday the 5th

Cash Flow Illustration and Retirement Capital Estimate in Golden Years

5 Advantages of a 401(k) Over a Roth IRA

June News: The Cost of Supporting Adult Children, Orlando In-Depth Workshop

Inflation Assumptions in your Financial Planning Program

5 Irks Financial Planning Firms have with New Planners

The Good: AUM Rebounds, The Bad: Reduced Margins, Lower Expected Growth

Silver Financial Planner Training Class - Watch a Recorded Version

Attending a Wedding? Americans Plan to Spend $539 per Wedding

Retirement Needs and Capital Analysis Planning Reports in Easy Money

May News: Why Delivering Less is More, Vote for Your Top Integration

5 Residence Sale Scenarios - TOTAL Planning Suite Tech Tip

12 Tips for Financial Advisors to Build a Better Business

10 Quotes about Money Tree’s Support – Thanks for the love you guys!

Best and Worst Jobs for 2013 – How Financial Planner Ranks on the List

3 Reason’s Your Financial Planning Clients Don’t Budget

Client Exempt from Paying FICA Taxes? TOTAL Planning Suite User Question

Jump-Start Your Financial Plan - Questions and Answers Chat

April News: Crowdsourcing, Denver Silver Workshop, TOTAL Online

Retirement Shortage Solutions – Why Delaying Retirement Won’t Work

What Your Client Sees - Silver Online Customer Access

4 Easy Steps to Setup Customer Access in Silver Online

Percent of Teens Expecting Support from Parents Until 25-27 Doubles

TOTAL Online Sneak Peak - Streamlined Data Input Features

Tax Season: A Window Into Financial Planning Opportunities

AUM Up 9% Reaching Record Levels Averaging $81M per Advisor in 2012

Survey Finds it’s Easier to Commit to Physical than Financial Fitness

2013 In-Depth Workshops: Join Us in Salt Lake - Friday, April 5th

4 Focus Points for Providing Advice on Healthcare Costs and Medicare

More Financial Advisors are Charging Fees in Addition to AUM Model

Top 5 Input Mistakes to Avoid for Silver Financial Planner

TOTAL Planning Suite is Going Online!

Top 5 Input Mistakes to Avoid for TOTAL Planning Suite

Attending T3's Annual Conference? Come See Our Latest Developments!

ATRA (Part 3) - Federal Income Tax Changes

Visit Money Tree at TD Ameritrade's National Conference This Week

ATRA (Part 2) - AMT: Patches End, Phase-Out Indexing Begins

New Version of TOTAL Planning Suite Available Now! (5.0.162)

ATRA (Part 1) - Estate Planning in a post-ATRA world

New Version of Silver Financial Planner Available Now! (4.0.427)

Resolution to Save Money? Lose Weight? Apply the Planning Process!

3 Estate Tax Law Changes of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

HR8 - Tax Law Changes and your Financial Planning Software

Thank You!

Holiday Hours - Closed New Year's Day

Money Tree Holiday Hours

Silver Financial Planner – Handling Semi-Retired Clients

Non-Retirees - 85% Do Not Have a Written Retirement Plan

Easy Money – Understanding Tax Rates and Override Options

TOTAL Planning Suite – Sunset Provision Options for Bush-Era Tax Cuts

Top 10 Advisors Stats, and more on Firms, Clients, & Political Views

Find the Financial Planning Solution You Can Rely On

3 Social Security Benefit Calculators to Help with Financial Planning

Holiday Hours - Closed Thanksgiving Day

Insurance Cash Values Increasing Unexpectedly? Here’s Why!

Are Your Clients Asking about Roth IRA Conversions Prior to 2013?

Social Security Benefits - Today’s Dollars or Future Dollars?

4 Tips to Continue to Serve Your Clients During Disruptive Events

Join an Online Training Class for Your Financial Planning Software

Top 5 Reasons Clients Switch Financial Advisors

3 Easy Steps to Change Planning Defaults in Silver

Golden Years - Understanding the Index Rate for Federal Tax Calculations

Last Stop Seattle! Final 2012 In-Depth Training Workshop

Tax Penalties on Pre-59.5 Retirement Plan Withdrawals

It's Financial Planning Week - Are you going to participate?

25 Factors to Determine the Ideal Retirement Age

FPA Experience 2012: Sneak Peek + Google Nexus 7 Giveaway

Life Expectancy Calculations in Silver, Easy Money, and Golden Years

12 Life Insurance Findings - September Life Insurance Awareness Month

Money Tree Software's Upcoming Events in September

Financial Planning for Parents-To-Be: 3 Step Plan

New! Online Training - New Silver Online Training Class

The Financial Advisor – A Career with a Great Outlook for the Future

Comparing Scenarios Made Easy! New Feature in TOTAL Planning Suite

Summer Release of TOTAL Planning Suite - New Features!

Extra Pep in Our Step Thanks to “Money Tree Appreciation Day!”

Handling 3 Types Deferred Compensation in TOTAL Planning Suite

The Importance of Financial Education

Financial Planners – What do you think about Forced Retirement Savings?

2012 Garrett Retreat - Money Tree's Advanced User Group Workshop

Monte Carlo Methods in Finance Using Fat Tail Models

Silver 101 - Understanding the Retirement Capital Analysis

Help Your Clients Avoid Making Costly IRA Mistakes

2 Steps to Include a Business Sale in your Client’s Financial Plan

Are Your Clients' Looking for the Best Place to Retire? Top 25 Cities

Sharing Program Data in Silver Financial Planner & TOTAL Planning Suite

Overstepping your Expertise: Guest Post

Financial Planners, Are Your Clients Arguing Over When to Retire?

Boomer Clients and Money Matters – Mom Talks, Dad Pays

Best Practices - Mortgage Payments in Silver Financial Planner

Are You Helping Households Plan for the Cost of Raising Children?

Are your Boomer Clients Planning on a Big Inheritance?

Great Recession Impact – American Families Lost 40% of Wealth

Entering State Tax Breakpoints into TOTAL Planning Suite

3 Tax Friendly Tips for Clients Paying Grandchildren’s College Cost

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for Medical Expenses in Retirement

What is Reasonable Amount to Spend on Vacations this Summer?

6 Reasons the Traditional Retirement is Over

Illustrate Portfolio Model Changes in TOTAL Planning Suite

Customizing Asset Classes and Allocations in Silver Financial Planner

Hot Topics – Conversation Trends Between in Advisors and Clients

Financial Planners – Help Fill the Gap for a Growing Client Base

In Depth Workshops - 2012 Training Season Kicks Off in Orlando, FL!

How do your Clients' Purchases Compare to the Average American?

5 Financial Planning Needs for Families with a Stay-At-Home Parent

10 Ideas for Clients Asking How to Best Use Their Tax Refund

SS Start Age Regrets? Your Clients May Have a Couple of Options.

7 Essentials of Long-Term Care Policies and Premiums

Financial Planner Makes the Top 5 List in Jobs Report

Flexible Treatment of Pension and S.S. benefits in Silver Financial Planner

Social Security Taxation and 5 Planning Strategies to Reduce Taxation

Increase your Understanding - Cost Basis in Silver Financial Planner

6 Key Issues When Considering a Roth IRA Conversion

Financial Planners – Have you heard about the Roth IRA Movement?

Reverse Mortgages in TOTAL Planning Suite Planning Projections

Financial Adviser Makes the List of the Top 25 Best Jobs of 2012

Join Money Tree Software's Discussion Forum on LinkedIn

Management Reports - A New Feature in Silver Online

9 Methods Advisers can use to Help Prevent Clients from Overspending

4 Tips to Build Partnership with your Financial Advising Clients

Help Your Financial Planning Clients Maximize Social Security Benefits

5 Key Qualities Clients Look For in a Financial Advisor

Top 6 Retirement Topics Clients Want to Discuss with Financial Advisors

Activation & Licensing - A simple tip to help us help you!

Visit with Money Tree at the FPA Business Solutions Conference

FPA Review: Fee Charged & Time Spent for Financial Planning Services

Top 5 Tips to Protect Client Data in your Financial Planning Software

More to Manage: Client Assets & Needs - Understanding Emotion is Key

Getting to know TOTAL Planning Suite: Understanding Rates of Return

Don’t Underestimate Expenses of the “No-Go” Phase of Retirement

Retirement Planning Focus: Men Financial, Women Lifestyle

New Version of Silver Financial Planner Available Now! (4.0.409)

Inherited IRAs - Learn More about TOTAL's Newest Feature!

New Version of TOTAL Planning Suite Available Now! (5.0.137)

WA Customers: Money Tree Software at the FPA of Puget Sound Symposium 1/27

Medicare Taxes after Retirement? Possible, starting 2013.

5 Potential Red Flags to your Financial Planning Prospects

The Impact: One-Year AMT Patches in your Financial Planning Programs

A Special Thank You...

4 Tips for Quick and Easy Updates to your Financial Planning Programs

Holiday Office Hours - Office Closed Monday, December 26th

The Financial Planning Process: Plan, Learn, Tweak, Repeat!

Are your clients engaged? Let clients run reports in Silver Online!

Stressing to find gifts this holiday season? 10 tech gifts under $100

TOTAL Planning Suite - 2 powerful features you might be missing

3 Steps to Include "What If?" Scenarios in Silver Reports

Financial Advisors - Build Trust with the Client & SPOUSE

4 Tips to Keep in Contact with Clients

5 Asset Types Defined! TOTAL Planning Suite

Turkey Day Special!

A Family Affair: Talking Turkey about Financial Planning

New version of Silver Online released!

New version of Silver Financial Planner released!

Financial Planners - Is an Ivy League education a good investment?

CFP® - How to get the registered symbol like this "®", not this "(R)"

Top 10 Financial Planning Education Programs

With age comes wisdom... right? Financial planning article from WSJ

Trick or Treat? When-If Behavior Analysis - It’s a treat… we promise!

Travel often for work? What if you didn't have to pack your laptop!


Three What-If Features You Might be Missing

How Steve Jobs Revolutionized Financial Planning

Does 'Financial Independence' sound better than 'Retirement Projection'? Great!

Financial Planning Association Experience 2011

National Save for Retirement Week

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